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Same-sex marriage will happen in Australia, and here’s how. The ‘yes’ campaign’s secret weapon is coming

Same-sex marriage will happen in Australia sooner rather than later, the architect of the successful US campaign for equality says, and he’s coming down to help.

Hollande tells Britain to take THOUSANDS of child migrants as they ‘WANT TO LIVE IN UK’

Speaking during a conference on the protection of children in war zones in Paris, the Socialist head of state urged Britain to “take its share of responsibility” and offer sanctuary to child refugees with direct family links in the UK currently stranded on the other side of the channel.

He said: “France has taken its share of responsibility for isolated Calais minors and expects its European partners to do the same.

“Especially when the fate of thousands of children is at stake.

Swedish Police Accused of Inaction Over Stockholm Riot

Swedish police have been criticized by locals for allegedly failing to adequately respond to riots in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby on Monday which resulted in several burnt-out cars, aggravated thefts and assaults. No-one has been arrested over the riots.

UVA flyer: pro-Trump candidate ‘unsuited’ for student gov

In a letter addressed to the university community, “Concerned Students at UVA” urged students not to vote for Student Council presidential candidate Kelsey Kilgore because she “maintains views that are detrimental to the interests of minority students,” referring primarily to her support of President Trump.

Muslim lobby defines Islamophobia: “Irrational fear and hatred of Muslims”

In an op-ed on CBC’s website, Amira Elghawaby, the communications director at the National Council of Canadian Muslims provided a definition to the term Islamophobia arguing that there is no need to modify Motion 103 that calls on the government to condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination and requests that the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage undertake a study of these issues and propose solutions.

Michael Moore launches ‘Resistance Calendar’ website to track anti-Trump protests

“It’s one of the main things people have been asking me for since the election: How can I find out what’s going on in my area?” Mr. Moore, 62, told The Huffington Post on Monday. “The main idea is to stop the damage of the Trump agenda, and protect the people that his administration is hurting.”

Berkeley Prof Robert Reich Blames Trump For Riot In Sweden

According to Berkeley professor and former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, Donald Trump’s “lies” caused the riots in Sweden on Monday night.

Earlier this month, Reich floated the insane conspiracy theory that Breitbart plants were responsible for the riots at Berkeley. That’s since been thoroughly debunked.

Floating another loony theory Tuesday, Reich said on Twitter: “Trump’s lies have consequences. 48 hrs after his comments on Sweden, riots broke out in an immigrant community.”

Hundreds of campuses encourage students to turn in fellow students for offensive speech

Universities are the cradle of free speech, where ideologies and ideas clash, where academics and activists can agree, disagree, or be disagreeable. This is particularly true in the United States, where the First Amendment zealously guards against government surveillance and intrusion into free speech.

Yet at hundreds of campuses across the country, administrators encourage students to report one another, or their professors, for speech protected by the First Amendment, or even mere political disagreements. The so-called “Bias Response Teams” reviewing these (often anonymous) reports typically include police officers, student conduct administrators and public relations staff who scrutinize the speech of activists and academics.

Swedish Mainstream Media Is “Hiding The Full Picture”: Trump Is Right About Immigrants

So, lots of immigrants are living on social welfare. And they have nothing meaningful to do during the days. And the kids usually have their parents as role models, so you can figure out the rest.

This is the biggest problem Sweden is facing today. I base that claim on the political discussion but also where most of the government money is spent. Notice, the discussion about where tax money is going is a tricky one, so i am not presenting any exact numbers. What i am saying is that immigration is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cost for tax payers in Sweden.

Canadian Survey: Massive Drop in Trust in Government – Significant Number Blame Media Bias

While there are many media voices who would immediately seek to refute the empirical evidence within such surveys, one thing becomes increasingly clear. The more liberal the structure of government, the greater the drop in trust.