A bounty on my head, I’m a virtual prisoner in Delhi

For the past few weeks I have been a virtual prisoner inside my Delhi Hotel, unable to walk out or attend any public event unless accompanied by “security.”

Threats by Islamic clerics that I had initially shrugged off as false bravado have turned out to be serious after one cleric pronounced on my TV show that I was a “kafir,” an apostate from Islam that, under some interpretations of sharia law, allows any Muslim to kill me, as stated unambiguously by a Canadian Islamic cleric.

  • Man_with_Hat

    Link Please

  • deplorabledave

    Say Tarek, would that be the religion you still adhere to?

    • jayme

      Your point is well taken but given the fact that he has shown himself to be a consistent defender of secular values, and critical of Muslims who attack them, and given the continual death threats against him for his stand, I think he ought to be cut some slack. Who knows why he doesn’t just officially become the apostate that they say he is? But he’s paying an extremely high price for standing up to Islam, that’s for certain.

  • Lo

    Journalists should be running to interview PM and Iqra Khalid about this…where are they ?
    MPs should have a public reading in the House of Commons..

    The islamic bounties and Fatwas are not reserved for Muslims….Charlie Hebdo…Salman Rushdie..and how many dead or jailed journalists. and writers, and… ?
    NO blasphemy law in Canada. It would be just a beginning …