Revealed: How Q&A Sharia law guest sought advice and support from hardline Islamist Wassim Doureihi – who repeatedly refused to condemn Islamic State terrorist attacks

A Muslim ABC presenter who told Q&A she practised sharia turned to an Islamist who repeatedly refused to condemn Islamic State murders in a shocking television interview.

Youth activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied told Q&A last week sharia to her meant praying five times a day and that Islam was the ‘most feminist religion’.

After that polarising appearance the 25-year-old writer, who also hosts an ABC News 24 program, turned to Hizb ut-Tahir spokesman Wassim Doureihi for advice on social media about how to present her arguments.

This is the same man who in October 2014 repeatedly refused to condemn Islamic State’s murderous atrocities in northern Iraq – despite being asked 11 times to do so in an 11-minute interview on the ABC’s Lateline program.

  • LairdKintyre

    I see these types so often, women like Ms Abdel-Magled, such starch defenders of Sharia who probably never had an oppressive male in her life telling her what to do. So she would gladly defend ISIS and wish Sharia on us all. I wonder how her colourful headscarf and eye catching stylish glasses would go over in Mosul right now? I wonder what any man of ISIS would think of his sisters direct gaze and bright red lipstick? If Ms Abdel-Magled showed up in ISIS territory dressed as in her picture above, she’d be pulled off the street tossed in jail and given 50 lashes. She may have a different view of Islam after she’s forced into a black burka not allowed to show her face or wear makeup and made to stay at home unless accompanied by a man and made to keep her gaze down. Her type is the worst of all.

  • christopher swift

    It’s disgusting but informative – liberal defence of these people has emboldened them to actually say what they’re thinking. They feel empowered to speak the truth because western society doesn’t really care. I hope they are in for a nasty surprise, but sometimes I wonder.

  • Editor

    There is active, blow-shit-up-kill-people islam and there is sit-by-the-sidelines, tacitly approving islam. There is no moderate islam

  • pop

    She should be sacked from tABC