Nigel Farage Drops Truth Bomb: The Younger Generation Screaming ‘Fascist’ Have Become the Thing They Loathe the Most

Always eloquent, Britain’s Nigel Farage offers his views on the current state of leftist delirium — pointing out how the younger generation have been hijacked by an agenda rich education system, indoctrinating them to not only espouse a certain ideology, but to become intolerant to opposing viewpoints. By definition, they’ve become the very thing they’re working so terribly hard to defeat: god damned fascists.

  • tom_billesley

    Bomb alert in Paris shopping centre Vélizy 2. Explosives found in pressure cooker.
    Two suspects seen on surveillance footage. One man arrested.

  • Dana Garcia

    The left has long been immersed in psychological projection. They carry signs condemning Hate while attacking ideological opponents and destroying property. They are filled with hate but have no self-awareness at all.

  • Kellman Amos

    From the movie, Last of the the Mohicans (starring Daniel Day Lewis). The Huron traitor, Magua, is confronted by Hawk Eye, adopted son of Chincachgook:

    ” …and the French traders and their masters in Europe infected with the sickness of greed! Magua’s heart is twisted. He would make himself into what twisted him.”

  • WalterBannon

    been saying that for years, but no one listens

  • Frances

    Nigel is right, as almost always.