Canadians want a light shone on radical Islam

Last year, I revealed news that the imam of a mosque that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited was publicly listed on the mosque’s very website as the member of a group that was designated a terrorist organization abroad and whose leader had been banned from entering the United Kingdom and France for his extremist views.

While regular Canadians read the story with great interest, the mainstream surprisingly wanted nothing to do with it.

The only other coverage that came out of it was a write up or two of the press release the mosque sent out denouncing my reporting. At the same time, local politicians and even law enforcement took aim at me and someone at the Prime Minister’s Office even had the gall to call me up and chew me out for it.

  • deplorabledave

    Am I to assume that with this law in place calling islam a death cult and calling its practitioners death cultists will be criminal?

    • markerc .

      It’s apparently not a law….but rather a “feel good” expression of parliamentarians good nature in becoming pawns of the islamist agenda…

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    What is it about Justin Trudeau that makes him believe and behave as if he is first and foremost the Prime Minister of Muslims residing in Canada, secondly PM of the world’s “refugees” (almost entirely Muslim), and then third the PM of Canadians actually born and raised in Canada?

    I’m not certain what Canada will look like when the Trudeau regime is finished with it. *sigh*

    • JoKeR

      Katie Telford in the PMO only had one thing to say.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Not a forward thinker is the man-child. I doubt he’s even considered what Canada will look like when his children are grown, let alone how changed it will be ( and not for the better) when his grandchildren are born. Generational wealth generally does not last beyond the third generation.

      • Canadian Born

        They will look pretty cute wearing burkas, right? Oh wait you won’t be able to tell who or what they are.

  • Morticiaa

    I hope you told them to fuck
    Themselves up the ass sidewaysi would have
    In fact I will send an email
    To his office saying just this

  • If theological discussions about Islam would not be indictable under this motion, then can one point out the various sections of the Koran that promote violence, Jew hatred, wife-beating and death to homosexuals?