Marine Le Pen refuses to cover herself for Muslim Poobah

If only Canada had a Le Pen or Wilders, instead we have to put up with this vote whoring ass.

‘Won’t cover myself up:’ Le Pen refuses headscarf, cancels on Lebanese Grand Mufti

French right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has refused to wear a headscarf for a meeting with the Lebanese Grand Mufti. In her statement, Le Pen said she would not cover herself up and cancelled the encounter.
Le Pen was scheduled to meet Sheikh Abdellatif Deriane, the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, in his office in Beirut on Tuesday.

After arriving, Le Pen was asked to wear a headscarf, but refused. According to AFP, Le Pen was given a veil by Mufti’s aides.

“You can pass on my respects to the Grand Mufti, but I will not cover myself up,” Le Pen told reporters.

  • H

    The feminist government in Sweden – indeed Western feminists in general – are going to be outraged by her cultural insensitivity. Damn, I like this woman.

    • Justin St.Denis

      And she is rather easy on the eyes, too. So is her daughter.

      Marine LePen gave an extraordinary interview to Radio Canada (a French language network in Canada), in which she decimated the female veteran journalist interviewing her. It was delicious to see a progressive journalist’s effort to sabotage LePen turn out so very badly. I watched the interview at least five times. It was beautiful………

      • Editor

        Anne-Marie Dussault has always rubbed me the wrong way, with her haughty, condescending tone and “biting a lemon” look of disdain towards most of her guests. The Le Pen interview was particularly enjoyable, yes! To see her litterally outwitted on every question and becoming more and more of a c*nt as the interview went on, glorious.

        There were many complaints and the SRC Ombudsman wrote at length about the interview. If you’re up to reading the ususal SRC leftist PR claptrap someday, it makes for some fun reading.

        • ismiselemeas

          I listened to the interview. It was a master class in how to destroy a CBC interviewer. A recent French guest of mine commented that Quebecois aren’t French, they’re Canadians who speak French (poorly). This interview clearly underlined that observation.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Wasn’t it magnificent? Marine LePen was spectacular, and retained her poise throughout.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          We can only hope that Lisa LaFlamme interviews Le Pen.
          That would be awesome.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Thanks for the heads-up. I am pleased to learn there were complaints about Dussault. Would you happen to know who Mme. Dussault’s father was? Was he, perchance, a senior manager at CBC circa 1975. Knowing how inbred the CBC/RadioCanada crowd is, I suspect I might be onto something here. Please inform. Thank you so much.

      • bargogx1

        Is there an english translation of that interview anywhere online?

    • bargogx1

      She makes them look pretty bad in comparison.

  • Ontario John

    She is obviously Islamophobic, because that great defender of feminism, The Toronto Star states that Sharia law is wonderful.

  • robins111

    I can just picture it. ‘Hey Habeebee, fuck off with the tea towel’

  • fedupwithinsanity

    She has bigger parts than the cuck in Ottawa.

  • garyk2

    Hey mofu. When men come to my office they wear a suit so get out of your robe and don the suit or GTFO.

  • ismiselemeas
    • New Centurion

      Is that Wynne? Obviously just put in her place, in the corner seen and not heard. How’s that feminist LGBT stuff working out for ya?

    • Linda1000

      All those women in both pictures should be singing this song to the exalted muslim head haunchos they like to visit so much.

      • mobuyus

        The muslim head honchos would prefer that it was sung in Goat.

    • Canadian Born

      You have got to be kidding. These so called women should be hung fro the nearest tree.

  • mobuyus

    Not to worry justin will don the face veil for her.

    • Clink9

      “vote whoring ass.” Perfect.

  • LairdKintyre

    Make her President

  • bargogx1

    Wow, a politician with a spine! She should of course be a hero to feminists for this action, but it’s more likely they would find some reason to trash her for it.

  • Canadian Born

    Can she not run for PM of Canada?

  • A Hamilton Guy

    I like that lady.

  • Tooth&Claw

    A woman with ovaries! Finally.