Filmmaker Confirms Numbers on Refugees And Crime in Sweden

During his rally in Florida this weekend, Trump brought up the problems some countries in Europe and elsewhere are having with refugees. He singled out Sweden and the left, including many people in media, jumped on it.

It turns out, Trump was basing his claims on a segment from the Tucker Carlson show in which filmmaker Ami Horowitz described a documentary project on the subject. Ami returned to the show last night and after Tucker replayed the clip, Horowitz backed up his project with numbers directly from the Swedish government.

  • Mel Carbon

    The Swedes lie with impunity!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Indeed they do. Interestingly, like Michael Coren, they actually believe their lies. Swedish men are so fucked they have to wear diapers now. The end of Swedes will not inspire any tears from this quarter.

  • Editor

    I know it, you know it, the right knows it, the left knows it, the press knows it, Sweden’s feminist government knows it. Everybody knows it’s true. The Government’s own statistics show it. Admitting their misguided plan is a failure would destroy their delusional cultural marxist narrative and would bring cultural relativism into question.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Finnlanders have always considered Swedes as pussies. Ain’t it the Truth. Am I racis?

  • Solo712

    I am following Peter Springare’s group on FB ( partly because I have two old friends in Sweden who have been telling me about the crazy things happening there in the last five-ten years. Peter Springare is a cop from Orebro who spilled the beans on the government by disclosing a special code that was imposed on the Swedish police everywhere, which prohibits publicizing crime committed by immigrants. He was originally charged but the charges were dropped because of the enormous support that he got from the public. But the government has tried hard to discredit him and the MSM have been going into overdrive to dig up something…anything on him.