Barbara Kay: Actually, one needn’t be a hysterical bigot to have concerns with M-103

I have serious concerns about M-103, a private member’s motion currently before Parliament that would condemn Islamophobia. But I want to reassure my colleague Andrew Coyne that I’m not nearly as unhinged as he seems to think we critics are.

Here is what Andrew wrote of the critics in his recent column on M-103: they’re a “most extreme voice” on “a most extreme position,” flaunting “a kind of moral exhibitionism” and “populist virtue-signaling,” with the purpose of “say(ing) and do(ing) the most intolerant or ill-considered thing that comes to mind.” Further, they’re “whip(ping)” up a “hysteria campaign.”

The case against M-103 is actually much simpler, and one need not be hysterical to make it.

(Confession – I never read Coyne)

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    I’m so sick of Islam and muzzies and all the trouble they cause. It would be such a beautiful world without them.

  • SDMatt

    The Coyne clan exists to be the sexual playthings of the Trudeau clan.

    • Solo712

      I don’t know if people know this but Andrew Coyne’s mother was Pierre Eliott Trudeau’s lover and the two had a child. I understand this is the reference here.

      • SDMatt

        Close but not quite.

      • Waffle

        Deborah Coyne is Andrew Coyne’s cousin. She had a child with PET. They never married.

        • Solo712

          Apologies. My memory ain’t what it used to be.

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    This constant theme of progressives labeling anyone who disagrees with M-103 an ‘islamophobe’ is reminiscent of the communist witch hunts of the 1950s.

    Which is rather ironic given how many of the progressives are avowed fans of communism.

    ps – Fuck Moohamhead, Islam, and ‘Allah’! I’ll go to jail before I say anything respectful of the Mohomeddan death cult.

  • LairdKintyre

    We are Canadians. We already have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Criminal Code of Canada. They do the job quite well. You violate the Law you get convicted and sentenced. We don’t need Virtue Signalling from our elected Members of Parliament.

    • Observer

      But Justin has recited the shahada and therefore it is his duty in islam to spread sharia law as far, wide and deep as he is able in addition to subjugating the “unbelievers”.

      If he recited the shahada insincerely without the intention to fulfill the demands of islam then under sharia law the penalty is death.

      • LairdKintyre

        When Justin said the Shahada, it meant nothing to him. He is a typical Progressive. Islam to Justin is what he wants it to mean. To him it’s simple a religion and he thinks since it’s a religion it must be good.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Jews are still the most victimized group the statistics say. I see nothing coming from Parliament in regard to that fact, nor to address the persecution of Christians worldwide by muslims. They are still treating the Yazidi like dog excrement on their shoes as far as allowing them in as refugees.
    It’s a farce how they are trying to pretend that muslims somehow are victimized when they are in fact the persecutors of all those not muslim,

  • Solo712

    Here is what I left in NP as comment:

    Coyne is a complete ignoramus where it comes to the knowledge of the Islamic world. His writing on the subject consists a series of leftist idiocies, and regurgitated cliches. Does he even understand that “virtue-signalling” is a term that targets morally superior talking heads like himself? What is “islamophobia” if not an obnoxious, all-purpose Orwellian meme to describe max disapproval of the the political elites of legitimate, principled resistance to many facets of political Islam and its agenda in the West. So what does Andrew Coyne actually expect people with such reservations to do or say, if someone comes up with a bright idea to outlaw “islamophobia”? Obviously, they will not buy the idea that this is a tool that protects peaceful praying Muslims in a mosque from people who want to do them harm.

    (in case you are wondering, he had similar dumb attitude to people objecting to the veil during citizenship ceremony. See my blog on that: )

    • Well said.

      • Will Quest

        Iqra Khalid an illiberal-Liberal MP demanding the destruction of a Western pillar that has enabled Western socio-cultural exceptionalism . Baying for the criminalization of free and open debate in the marketplace of ideas. Unfettered critical debate of ideas , including all ideologies, is a cornerstone of Western civilization that saw the west flourish with ideas , that saw the reformation of Christianity, that saw the blossoming of the exceptional Western renaissance , a renaissance that enabled and ennobled our spectacular art, literature, science, medicine, architecture, engineering , universal human rights, etc……. Spectacular socio-cultural Judeo-Christian accomplishments that benefits all of humanity. The West is exploring the solar system and beyond while a vast swatch of humanity reject modernity with a vengeance while baying to a moon-Gawd { on all fours , raising arses westward, banging their heads on the ground …..YIKES my islamofauxbia is beyond blasphemous , it mocks dogmatic and backwards fetishes mercilessly ….. go tell it to the committee for the prevention of vice and promotion of virtue , the illiberal-Liberal mob. }
        You can take the girl out of Pakistan but seemingly you can’t take the Pakistan out of the girl . Sweet Iqra Khalid knows too well how blasphemy laws are used to persecute those contemptible non-Muslim minorities, especially those uppity Christians , in Pakistan { land of the PURE ~!?! } .
        By simply pointing a finger and making capricious and unverifiable accusations of blasphemy and then watch the predictable mobs of sanctimonious pious zealots , violent sharia enforcer, go on a rampage for revenge.
        The effrontery of that little jihadi squatting in parliament bringing to gentle Canada her sectarian hatreds is beyond the pale . With this anti-islamofauxbia law she will be able to sic the illiberal-Liberal progressive mob and watch them gladly scream blasphemy at the whiff of what they deem ‘islamofauxbic’ , & that’s why folks, Pakistan is just another violent & failed islamic state…….

  • Alain

    So he wrote that critics of M103 are a “most extreme voice” on “a most extreme position”, which in truth well defines M103 and not its critics.

    • terrence22

      He is doing what psychologists call “projecting” – he is the one taking an “most extreme voice” on “a most extreme position”

  • Ron MacDonald
  • felis gracilis

    Coyne didn’t use to write such awful drivel. What has happened to him? Too much Mansbridge rub-off during sessions of the “most watched”?

    • David Murrell

      Good point. Coyne, like then NP-editor Jonathan Kay, saw the light of better money in progressive journalism. The NP is going downhill financially (as well as journalistically) and people like Coyne and Kay see their financial future with the better-moneyed left. The CBC and the Globe and Mail increasingly dominate the Canadian media, and Coyne and Kay want to be hired by one of these leftist media giants.

  • bargogx1

    Good to see some Hindus in the comments section poking some holes in the narrative.

    • Hindus usually have no time for Muslims, to say the least. And the P.C. assholes can’t really call “racism”…. Well, it’s my idea of fun.

  • John