Trump vs. confederacy of hecklers – the press

Beginning with King David and throughout our Literature we’re advised not to sit in the “council of the wicked,” nor to share the same room with a company of scoffers…or else we’re asking for trouble. But that is precisely where an Orthodox Jewish reporter found himself during President Trump’s press conference of a few days ago.

Jake Turx, a respected journalist from Ami Magazine, asked a simple question that concerns many of us – what’s to be done about the wave of anti-Semitism now sweeping our country most prominently on campus? Too bad the wording and the timing were all wrong.

  • Shebel

    Maybe—every body is too concerned about Islamophobia.
    I mean– when it comes to Islam –it is an irrational PHOBIA.
    — when it comes to Jews —it is just Anti—-
    Doesn’t mean much and you probably deserve it.

    Next question—please…..

  • Hard Little Machine

    Fuck the media. Burn down CNN

  • glasnost

    “President Trump misunderstood my question:”

    More like everybody misunderstands your question and President Trump is bored with your identity politics. Take off your little skull cap, shave your silly beard, rid yourself of the symbols that are intended to make you different (superior) and become an ordinary American.