The Toronto Star thinks Sharia is pretty neat

h/t ontario john

“There is no monolithic understanding of the Sharia — there is a spectrum of interpretations ranging from the very liberal to the extreme conservative. In fact, the inherent diversity and pluralism of the Sharia may be the best tool we have to counter the violent and antimodern narratives of extremists. (Oh well that’s a relief. So what’s a good example of “liberal Sharia”? – Ed.)

…Such opposition [to M103] within weeks of the slaughter of six Muslims praying is not only insensitive, but highly irresponsible. (So does that mean that the next time some jihadi murders a bunch of French everyone has to be nice about Marine Le Pen and let the Front National pass “les motions” undebated and so on? For how long? Three weeks? I’m just trying to figure out how this works. – Ed.)

…For those who fear Sharia creep, it’s too late. It’s already here. (You just Blew My Mind! – Ed.) For most, rather like “the golden rule,” the Sharia demands that they obey the laws of the land; live peacefully with their neighbours; don’t lie; don’t cheat; pay their taxes; respect each other; care for the underprivileged and the oppressed; and focus on making the world better for all.

In fact, scholars consider the thrust of the Sharia to be advancing human welfare. (I’m convinced. Sharia Law sounds awesome, let’s adopt it! I’m sure there’s nothing to see here… – Ed.)

…Diversity of opinions are a recognized forte of Islamic jurisprudence.” (We have so much to learn etc. – Ed.)