The Toronto Star thinks Sharia is pretty neat

h/t ontario john

“There is no monolithic understanding of the Sharia — there is a spectrum of interpretations ranging from the very liberal to the extreme conservative. In fact, the inherent diversity and pluralism of the Sharia may be the best tool we have to counter the violent and antimodern narratives of extremists. (Oh well that’s a relief. So what’s a good example of “liberal Sharia”? – Ed.)

…Such opposition [to M103] within weeks of the slaughter of six Muslims praying is not only insensitive, but highly irresponsible. (So does that mean that the next time some jihadi murders a bunch of French everyone has to be nice about Marine Le Pen and let the Front National pass “les motions” undebated and so on? For how long? Three weeks? I’m just trying to figure out how this works. – Ed.)

…For those who fear Sharia creep, it’s too late. It’s already here. (You just Blew My Mind! – Ed.) For most, rather like “the golden rule,” the Sharia demands that they obey the laws of the land; live peacefully with their neighbours; don’t lie; don’t cheat; pay their taxes; respect each other; care for the underprivileged and the oppressed; and focus on making the world better for all.

In fact, scholars consider the thrust of the Sharia to be advancing human welfare. (I’m convinced. Sharia Law sounds awesome, let’s adopt it! I’m sure there’s nothing to see here… – Ed.)

…Diversity of opinions are a recognized forte of Islamic jurisprudence.” (We have so much to learn etc. – Ed.)

  • huron

    Go ahead kiss that stray dog on the nose

  • Tooth&Claw

    What an utter crock of excrement. Shari’a is the legal aspect of Islam and it ‘others’ anyone not muslim. It also marginalizes women as second class citizens and ‘property’ as well as their offspring. There is no ‘moderate’ Islam although there may be muslims that behave moderately and don’t know what the law is and how it’s applied by Shari’a courts..

    • I love your avatar.

      • Tooth&Claw

        Thanks. I like it too!

    • Clink9

      If the “men” at the Toronto Star were able to reproduce, they would gladly sacrifice their daughters to the bloodthirsty maniacs our politicians have let in.

  • reidjr

    Care for the oppressed really under sharia law most of the oppressed get life in jail or if your gay your killed.

  • SDMatt

    Op-ed written by one Faisal Kutty, co-founder and legal counsel to CAIR-CAN.

    Point de Bascule has a number of things on him too:

    Stewart Bell (National Post – February 11, 2003): Charity funded jihad fighters / MIM – Archive.Today (“When reports about Benevolence first surfaced following the Sept. 11 attacks, Faisal Kutty, the spokesman for the Canadian branch, released a statement calling the allegations of a terrorist link ‘false rumours and innuendos’”.)

    Tarek Fatah appeared to be referencing him when he tweeted this:

    • I’d call Kutty slithering filth, but I don’t indulge in flattery.

  • So sharia can mean anything a Muslim wants on any given day including clitorectomies, wife beating, killing gays and apostates and forcing your Christian and Jewish neighbors to pay the Jizya.

    No thanks.

    • SDMatt

      It’s working so well in Pakistan.

      • So well.

      • Will Quest

        ♫ DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! ♫

        You can take the girl out of Pakistan but seemingly you can’t take the Pakistan out of the girl . Sweet Iqra Khalid knows too well how blasphemy laws are used to persecute those contemptible non-Muslim minorities, especially those uppity Christians , in Pakistan { land of the PURE ~!?! } .
        By simply pointing a finger and making capricious and unverifiable accusations of blasphemy and then watch the predictable mobs of sanctimonious pious zealots , violent sharia enforcer, go on a rampage for blood revenge.
        The effrontery of that little jihadi squatting in parliament bringing to gentle Canada her sectarian hatreds is beyond the pale . With this anti-islamofauxbia law Islamists will be able to sic the illiberal-Liberal progressive mob and watch them gladly scream blasphemy at the whiff of what they deem ‘islamofauxbic’ & persecute islamofauxphobes with the iron-fist of the state and the bloody-iron-fist of sharia, just like in Pakistan . & that’s why folks, Pakistan is just another failed islamic state…….

    • ontario john

      So does this mean Heather Mallick has to wear a bag over her head?

      • felis gracilis

        That alone might be almost enough to offset all its negatives.

  • ontario john

    Yes, lets be like Iran or Saudi Arabia. Since the Star is the official newspaper of the federal and provincial Liberal parties, can we expect Trudeau and Wynne to start introducing sharia law? They both dress up like muslims.

  • Brenda

    Torstar corporation is now at 1.75$ a share. They’re reporting 4th quarter 2016 earnings on March 1. Shortly after they will be having a conference call. For anyone who wants to call in:

    Let the death watch begin.

    • Clink9
    • Justin St.Denis

      I remember reading that their third quarter results were as follows: $256 million in the RED. They cannot keep it going much longer. Maybe they are waiting for the Aga Khan to pony up some Islamist cash to save their withered, sorry butts. As if………

    • PaxCan

      The Star can’t go bankrupt fast enough for me.

      Nobody reads it anymore anyway so when it goes belly up no one will notice.

  • Martin B

    No wonder the Star shut down comments long ago. There is no limit to what they think they can foist on their readers.

  • Tooth&Claw

    What happened to Iranian women after the Shah was deposed and shari’a enforced.

  • By all means, let these hacks go to countries like Pakistan where Sharia law is brutally enforced.

  • Linda1000

    I highly recommend those two female politicians in the pic above who are embracing with orgasmic delight their M-103 proposal start wearing hijabs or burkas full-time and undergo FGM to show their multi-cult solidarity with their international muslim sisterhood living under the barbaric diversity of Sharia law. Come on girls, it’s just a little snip and in Canada, it would be done under local anesthetic. Instead of trying to enforce creeping Sharia blasphemy laws on all citizens of Canada, the politicians endorsing such draconian stupidity should try to experience a little Sharia before blindly pushing ignorant legislation.