The Stop Trump protests are the ultimate virtue signal

This afternoon, across Britain, the most pro-establishment demo of modern times will take place. Sure, the Stop Trump protesters gathering outside Parliament and elsewhere will look and sound rad. They’ll chant and rage and blow whistles and hold up placards with Trump done up like a tangerine Hitler. But don’t be fooled. These people are the militant wing of the old establishment. They’re radicals for the old status quo, pining for the pre-Brexit, pre-Trump era when their kind ruled and ordinary people knew their place. 

  • Dana Garcia

    Why would Trump bother visiting a failing state? What’s the point?

    • Watchman

      Inspecting the bankruptcy property premises before making an offer for purchase?

      • Watchman

        “I’ve seen it. I’d like to make an offer. This offer is contingent on rescinding the tenancy of those families who have been residing in England for less than 70 years. I think this place has huge potential, but only with that condition enacted. Huuuge!”

      • Dana Garcia

        Necessary evictions would be prohibitively expensive.

        Plus, recent overpopulation means that England is no longer a “green and pleasant land.”

    • ghost of benghazi

      He is Trolling the world. If you go on YouTube and look up Trumps establishment speech. It’s a 5 minute video of the speech. Right at the beginning he says ” Our movement is to replace a failed and corrupt political system.”, Not tweak or improve but replace. The system is world wide so he needs to keep it fighting multiple fronts. Right now he has them bogged down in Sweden. They may not have believed it then, they sure do now.

  • Shebel

    The fucking English may be suicidal with their Culture and Country —
    But — they still realize that they have to have TRADE relations with the Colonies.

  • Gary

    When people in canada were saying ‘ No to Nazi’s and Hitler ‘ , Justin dad mocked them as bigots.
    Pierre said that Hitler was a problem for the Anglo’s and not the French .
    Oh well, that theory died in May of 1940 when rode into Paris in his Staff car to claim it as his gift form the Nazi party.
    Now his idiot son mocks those that say no to Sharia and islamists while he wants to enforce Sharia Blasphemy law on Canadian soil just to get the 2019 Muslims vote.