No, political correctness does not enforce double standards

They are single standards, wrongly interpreted by many. From Douglas Murray at Gatestone,

During his talk at Georgetown University, Jonathan A.C. Brown condemned slavery when it took place historically in America and other Western countries, but praised the practise of slavery as it happened in Muslim societies, explained that Muslim slaves lived “a pretty good life”, and claimed that it is “not immoral for one human to own another human.” Regarding the vexed matter of whether it is right or wrong to have sex with one of your slaves, Brown, who is director of the Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, said that “consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex”.

No mob of anti-sharia people has gone to Georgetown, torn up telephone poles, set fire to things or smashed up the campus, as mobs did at Berkeley. More.

Reality check: The single standard is, whatever advances government control over what people are allowed to think, say, and do (however contradictory) is a Good Thing. Whatever retards it is a Bad Thing.

Traditional values are always the enemy because they always posit other sources of accountability. That is the most efficient interpretive key we will find.

If I vote for it, you own it. Except for the problem that you did not vote for it but cannot sell your shares. That is a key difference between politics and government.

Note: Feminists are hamstrung here because they only ever really cared about free abortion on demand and perks for being female. To keep up with the pack, they must endure all crackdowns against women’s rights that don’t directly endanger those things. One wants to ask them, is forcing a woman to kill her baby okay if she is a slave? But, who knows, one of these days there may soon be legislation against even asking.

See also: Twitter: The perils of Nanny as a business model. In other words, Twitter wants to be Nanny in 140 characters or less, but is there a market for that? Should Twitter be government?