Jewish Defence League alleges hate crime

Toronto’s Jewish Defence League says it will file a “hate crimes” complaint with Toronto Police alleging there were “troubling” words in sermons at a downtown mosque, including inciting the “killing of Jews.”

“We are going to speak with the police,” said JDL National Co-ordinator Meir Weinstein, who alleged Monday that “these are anti-Semitic hate crimes.”

But first the JDL is to hold an emergency meeting to decide how to proceed following the bringing to light of several videos taken from within the downtown mosque Masjid Toronto, part of the Muslim Association of Canada

Muslim Hate Crime Videos Here.

  • SDMatt

    Beautiful. Force the social justice warriors into a corner in deciding who is the most favoured “victim” group; the Mohamadans will be chosen but their hate will be publicly aired, thus demonstrating the complete hypocrisy and phoniness of the SJW movement.

    Those vids by the way appear to be disappearing.

    • I download the Filthy Jews one figuring they would and I am certain other copies exist elsewhere.

    • Watchman

      The intent of doing this is to show the double standards that are going to be applied. Muslim immigration disapproval = bad, muslim Jew-hatred = OK. Nobody should expect the Qur’an to be banned as a result of this, the intent is to bring the hypocrisy to public attention and thoroughly discredit the Ontario Human Rights Commission for its failure to be impartial.

      Alinsky Rule 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

      • Shebel

        Nobody expects much to happen.
        The intent is enough , long as it makes these useless Politicians think.

    • Shebel

      I didn’t see any of them

      • Justin St.Denis

        The videos are all over the place. Can’t imagine how you missed them all.

    • Andreadkaufman

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  • felis gracilis

    “Premier Kathleen Wynne has also attended the downtown mosque to show her support for Muslims”
    Oh, this is beautiful, the premier of Ontario goes to show support at a mosque where anti-Semitic “supplications” are made. How about some support for your Jewish citizens, Madame Premier?

  • Blind Druid

    Anything that pulls off the Taqiyya mask of these lying bastards is one step forward. People are slowly waking up to poisonous Islam.

  • huron

    With the mindset these day it will be like squeegeing water up a loading ramp.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Do it!

  • LairdKintyre

    Nothing makes a Muslim madder than apologizing to a Jew. No wonder they issued a written statement. Hard to talk while you are biting your tongue.

  • LairdKintyre

    Nice to see the Jews making a stand against the Muslims. Too often they roll over for them in Canada.

  • Shebel

    About time!

  • Maggat

    It’s gonna be great fun watching the pc crowd shucking and jivin’ around this one.

    • The stuff the Muslims of Calgary published on their web site was as bad if not worse – it even included an excerpt for the Protocols but the Calgary police said it wasn’t anti-semitic.

      • terrence22

        But, Calgary has a muslim “mayor”, so the coppers will do NOTHING that could be seen as “Islamophobic”.

  • eMan14

    Is the mainstream media covering this? Or need I really ask?

  • Gary

    John Tory wants the protester arrested for hate-crimes and islamophobia.
    But he’s the mayor from June 14th last year that shared the stage with a jew-hating gay Imam at the Orlando vigil. Premier Wynne spoke that night and mentioned islamophobia almost 10 times.
    Politicians fear jihad terrorism while the Police get paid so much that they are loyal to the pay check and Politicians that sign them. beside, the Diversity policy now has islamists on the police force and they would never stop an Imam from spewing jew-hatred of calling for killing the unbelievers.
    That’s un-islamic.

  • vwVwwVwv

    the curt will be a Sharia curt.

  • Jay Currie

    “Kill the Jews”

    OK kids, lets get out our context crayons and turn this into a multi-culti picture of peace, love and understanding from our happy, clappy Muslim friends. I know you can do it. Really.

    • Watchman

      “The quotation was taken out of context and was creating heat and light in places where there should have only been a peaceful darkness. As a result, certain words were used that have a different meaning in the lighting and staging field, words like “kill” which is industry language meaning “turn off”. Most people have heard the expression “Kill the lights”. Now we also have a transcription error and the correct quote should have been “Kill the juice”, where the word “juice” means electricity, not a drinkable sweet liquid. And there you have it, a quote taken completely out of context, and instead of an anti-semitic call for violence it it simply a request to turn out the lights.

      Once the lights are out, we can get back to the real business of murdering Zionists, without the fear of being seen by the kufr. Allahu Akbar!”


      • Justin St.Denis

        Loved that post, and realize why you had to “SARC” it at the end. You must have noticed a few commenters’ names and opted to accommodate the challenged. 😉

        Fabulous sarcasm. I just think it’s a pity one has to “label” it today. 😉

        • Watchman

          These days I put the tag on anything sarcastic that I am writing that could possibly ever be misinterpreted. Poe’s Law, you know, where no matter how extreme your writing is as a parody, someone will actually already have their real views as extreme if not more so.

          The /sarc tag also acts as satire, it’s a marker for you to reflect on what I just wrote and possibly say to yourself, “WTF, I just agreed with everything I read up to this /sarc tag.”

          • Justin St.Denis

            Clever man!

            That second paragraph had me looking to check who I was reading. For a fleeting moment, I thought my own son was responding to me, then I realized it was Watchman. You wouldn’t happen to be 36 years old by any chance, would you? 😉

          • Watchman

            I’m old enough to be his dad….you have had “The Talk” with your wife about him, haven’t you? 🙂 Get the whole family tested with a 23andMe genetic test if you have been wondering why your son looks Asian and you and your wife are not.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Ahem! My wife is, indeed, Japanese. Is that a problem? As for genetics, my four are definitely all from the same tree. To boot, one is a working geneticist pulling down scads of money for such a young woman! Sorry for the plug. I’m an extremely proud father. 😉

          • Watchman

            No problem. No problem. [Wipes brow in relief]
            Congrats on the family and a successful example of Diversity.

          • Justin St.Denis

            We already have. My daughter insisted on that some time ago. BTW, don’t worry about it. My wife is bent over in two laughing WITH you at this very moment. 😉 😉

  • marty_p

    My wife and I stopped at the “Free Info on Islam” booth at Yonge & Dundas on Sunday. They provided us with every piece of literature they had on the cart including an English translation of the Quran. Everything in English seems to have been cleansed of anti-semitism. I spent an hour yesterday going through the stuff – not one hateful statement. The book with the rocks on the cover that was outed as supporting wife beating – was revised in 2016 – no more mention of “beat your wife gently”.

    In the English version of the Quran it says the Jews are to be “respected” so unless the Arabic word for “respected” can also be translated as “killed” – a major display of Taqiyyia is taking place.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You betcha!!!!!

  • caliroxanne

    Sorry guys. A hate crime can only be perpetrated by white dudes against Muslims, liberal black people and homosexuals. There’s no such thing as a hate crime against Jews, conservative Christians, conservatives in general, patriots, etc.