Hijab hits the catwalk, and flumps

From Catherine Triomphe at Yahoo:

Other than the hijab, the traditional head and neck covering many Muslim women wear, the 30-year-old designer’s clothes evoked nothing of the “modest Muslim” style that sometimes stirs controversy and exacerbates anti-Muslim sentiment in western countries.

On the contrary, Hasibuan’s collection features shimmering, on-trend pleats, silver and golden ruffles, and long trains adorned with pearls, glitter or embroidery that recalled royalty of the Middle Ages.

The models were not chosen at random — the young designer held casting calls specifically seeking first and second-generation immigrants, seeking to show that “fashion is for everybody.”More.

“Many Muslim women wear” the hijab? Aren’t some women killed or threatened with death for not doing it (and related offences)?

Reality check:  Honestly, it’s dowdy and way overdressed, utterly lacking the charm of suggestiveness that the hijab usually at least offers.

My granny dressed that way when battling a high Prairie wind.

But progressive media will try to force us along with themselves to see it as Cool. Because, in the end, all this was never about the Cool or the Liberation. It is about their power to ram whatever they want down the throats of the rest of us, working with whoever helps them. And we will support them financially and otherwise in their failed ventures, oppress those who refuse, and never dare say it isn’t all Cool and Liberated. We read them seriously? We vote for their picks? Then we chose it.

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