Brit who died fighting ISIS in Syria is given a heroes welcome by the Kurdish community as his body arrives back at Heathrow

The body of a Briton who died after travelling to Syria to fight ISIS terrorists alongside Kurdish forces arrived back at Heathrow Airport to a hero’s welcome.

Dozens of people, including members of the Kurdish community, held roses and framed pictures of Ryan Lock, 20, as his body was repatriated to the UK.

Mr Lock, from Chichester, West Sussex, died in an offensive by anti-ISIS in a bid to retake the northern city of Raqqa, considered to be the terrorist group’s de facto capital.

  • Millie_Woods

    Ordinary Brits are upset with him for betraying their Muslim roots.

  • Juan Ivan

    Unfucking believable… Pakis, Indians, Syrians, Kurds, WHAT COUNTRY IS THAT, CAUSE BRITAIN IT AIN’T!?

  • Juan Ivan

    He was surrounded on every side by the enemy, London mayor is a damn muslim, several British cities have been taken over by the enemy, Brits are a minority in their own capital… but this fucking moron rather died for some ungrateful camel humpers who btw WERE THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY KILLED ARMENIANS AND GREEKS DURING THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE AND THE MIKRASIATIKI KATASTROFI

  • simus1

    My nitpicking may be off kilter today, but my instinct is DM failed the “Hero’s” hurdle.

    Poor chap was most likely tasked with simply harassing the L of C into and out of Racca. Attacking the place itself seems like a very overoptimistic idea at the moment.

  • What does it say when ordinary citizens do what the government point-blank refuses to do?