When left-wing Nation interviewed Yiannopoulos, the “most hated man on the internet”

From D.D. Guttenplan (October 16, 2016) at Nation:

You think people are really that inhibited?

Yes. Absolutely. The range of socially unacceptable opinions is widening. The range of socially acceptable opinions is narrowing.

What is a newly unacceptable opinion?

You can’t keep a newspaper column in this country and say that the wage gap is a myth or that campus rape culture is a myth. We’re reordering society according to myths and conspiracy theories and advocacy research. You cannot deny these things and keep your place in the establishment, even at right-wing newspapers. More.

Reality check: Essentially, mainstream media either represent the real range of opinion or decline into self-righteous insignificance. The quarterly reports tell the tale.

Note: Readers, I am writing a short series on the crisis in political correctness triggered by the conflict between the warring streams of lies. So you may find my news notes veering in that direction for a little while.

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