“What hell is happening in Scandinavia”?

From Giulio Meotti at Gatestone,

On January 12, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten published an article about Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and his senior adviser: “The Jew Kushner reportedly pushed for David M. Friedman as the new ambassador to Israel”, Aftenposten wrote. The newspaper had later to apologize for calling Kushner “the Jew”.

What hell is happening in Scandinavia, whose countries, Norway and Sweden, are bastions of political correctness, champions of multiculturalism and, according to the Global Peace Index, the most “peaceful” countries in the world? “The most successful society the world has ever known”, however, as The Guardian labelled Sweden, has a dark side: Israel-slandering and anti-Semitism.More.

Reality check: The purpose of political correctness has always been to enforce lies by threats of harm. Genuine openness to others is slowly replaced by Correct opinion. After Correctness has become a way of life, it is comparatively easy to change the script for the Two Minute Hate. And there is always a Two-Minute Hate.

Scandinavia is a pushover precisely because it is so “tolerant,” that is, value-free. Values can counter other values but non-values can’t.

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