Terror suspects use human rights law in bid to get their passports back

Two terror suspects used Human Rights Law to launch a costly legal bid to get their passports returned so they could travel to Syria to fight with Islamic State.

A 19-year-old of Iraqi Kurd from the West Midlands took the Government to the Appeal Court in a failed attempt to force ministers to return his passport, which was seized from him after his elder brother travelled to Iraq to join the Isil terror group.

In the same case another man, aged 26, from London, who has links with fighters in Syria, also lost his bid to have his passport returned.

  • Sharkibark

    Anyone who joins ISIS is a sub-human moronic death cult supremacist. They should have no rights.

    • I agree, there is no alack of information on their barbaric ways, if you sign up you are a psychopath.

  • Editor

    Holy shit! Mark your calendars. A panel of British Judges has actually come down on the side of logic and common sense and put the security of the UK above EU law.

    • This cannot stand!

      • Editor

        If they can appeal, it probably won’t.

  • tom_billesley

    Strip them of UK citizenship and give them a time-limited Certificate of Travel (a.k.a. Alien’s Passport).

  • This is why these guys should be shot on sight.

  • canminuteman

    Why don’t thy just let them go and then invalidate their passports do they can never come back?