Ontario PCs close in on majority territory as Wynne’s support continues to plummet, poll says

With more than a year to go before the next election, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has a lot of work to do to win back voters, an exclusive new poll conducted for Postmedia suggests.

If an election were held today, the Progressive Conservatives would be the choice of 39 per cent of decided and leaning voters compared to 29 per cent for Wynne’s ruling Liberals and 27 per cent for the New Democrats.

In Southwestern Ontario, the difference for the Liberals is even more stark, with 39-per-cent support for the PCs, 37 per cent for the NDP and only 19 per cent for the Liberals.

My bet is Wynne will be re-elected, as more is learned about Brown the PC’s will sink. If Wynne retains the public service unions, and she’s just paid off the teachers handsomely with your money, then Wynne will be returned and Ontario will face certain ruin.