Justin Trudeau’s Islamist Party Of Canada Has Yet To Bring A Single Yazidi Refugee To Canada

The Liberal government is set to unveil its resettlement plan for Yazidi victims of ISIS, but as a one-week deadline looms, the federal program has not yet brought in a single survivor.

On Oct. 25, MPs unanimously adopted a Conservative motion to formally declare ISIS persecution of Yazidis a genocide and promised to bring refugees fleeing the violence to Canada within four months.

With the days counting down, critics have little hope the federal government will deliver on that pledge in a significant way.

  • Shuali

    Will Canadians be intelligent enough to get rid of this idiot before it is too late?? I’m not quite sure as he was elected with a majority gov’t and the voices critical of his lame and biased policies are rather mute.

  • Gary

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66644d7ae4aae344e38106505239cc57205c029314321810d9373515fd5fb472.jpg Typical Liberal , non-muslims and gays are at the highest risks for being killed by Muslims …yet Justin and booze head McCallum rescued the muslims that are killing them as if they won’t kill them here in Canada.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Surprise, surprise. No not really. We know who this boy child sides with. It’s not the Yazidi.

    • frame_away

      Is he on the take? Saudis, Qatar? Iran?

      • Observer

        He’s a Liberal. He’s probably taking from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and China all at the same time.

  • ontario john

    Well, to be fair at least he didn’t say helping them first is disgusting, like he said about Christians.

    • Mike

      Yes, thank you Ontario John. Trudeau treat persecuted Christians as non human and deserve to suffer by his brothers ISIS. This Kid make me sick.

  • Canadian Born

    I want a motion passed to condemn Sharia law, and a motion passed for Junior to keep his mouth shut. It seems every time he opens his mouth, he is destroying Canada even more. Now how do we get these two motions passed, anyone with an idea?

    • John Boy

      Fish have to swim, scorpions have to sting, and globalists have to spew traitorous propaganda.

    • Mike

      We need a conservative MP with a backbone and two balls.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        “Comes the hour, comes the man”. I wonder how shitty its gets before this guy turns up.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Yazidis aren’t Muslims, or in other words there aren’t enough votes in it to make them worth helping.
    Do you really think your Somali Muslim immigration chief will lift a finger?
    So far he hasn’t and don’t hold your breath.
    Is no Canadian reporter courageous enough to even ask him?

    • There are reporters who want to question him vigorously (although not from the MSM) but “Prince Justin” refuses to grant an audience with his “Royal Highness”.

      Although at this point I’m wondering who is more dangerous in terms of being a “Fifth Columnist” — Justin Trudeau or John McCain. And McCain gets even less probing questions from reporters than Justin. Whatsup with that?

      • Watchman

        Don’t you remember, “John McCain Is A Hero”.

        Every time I hear of someone called a ‘hero’, I am reminded of The Simpsons episode where the subject of heroism comes up:

        Homer: Yeah, that Timmy is a real hero!
        Lisa: How do you mean, Dad?
        Homer: Well, he fell down a well and….can’t get out.
        Lisa: How does that make him a hero?
        Homer: Well, it’s more than you did!

        • Well I suppose he really is a “hero”, unless he did something really stupid that resulted in his own capture when he was in Viet Nam.

          But this “Russia” stuff is simply getting obsessive — non-stop “analysis” and punditry going on for weeks now, an incessant parade of “experts”, and nobody knows anything more now than they did before. It has truly turned into a fixation, and McCain is to blame. I think it’s quite politically destabilizing for the U.S. to focus on something like that, diverting attention from other more important issues, without even knowing why they are focusing on that thing in the first place.

    • John Boy

      I don’t think the Yazidis would each be willing to vote multiple times in the next election for the lieberals so what use are they to them?

  • Linda1000

    When there is a cousin of the Al Shabaab group in charge of immigration don’t expect to see any Christians, Hindus, Jews, Yazidis, Sikhs, Buddhists allowed as refugees or to immigrate to Canada.

  • Watchman

    The reason for this is that the Canadian government relies on the UN to provide lists of refugees for immigration to Canada. The UN does the screening of people from those refugees living in camps in Syria and surrounding countries. The problem is that the Yazidiz do not register at these UN camps because they are full of hostile muslim refugees who are almost as intolerant of these Yazidis as ISIS, and insult, threaten, and assault those Yazidis attempting to live in these refugee camps. Therefore, these UN refugee camps contain almost no Yazidis, and therefore Canada will receive almost no Yazidis if they rely on the UN to provide lists of refugees.

    If the Canadian government wanted to help refugees, they could approach the Syrian Yazidi community to get names of family and tribe who live in Syria (or used to live in Syria in ISIS-held areas). A government that did that would gain the loyalty of the refugees and the Canadian Yazidi community, but also be importing those people who can be more easily security vetted and are much less likely to end up as terrorist against the Canadian people.

    • LairdKintyre

      The real problem is the UN itself. Half of its organizations are run by Muslims.

      • Watchman

        I thought about mentioning, but decided not to for the above comment, that the people on the ground who vet the refugees in Syria are likely to be muslim employees of the UN. There were rumours that they were being discriminatory against non-muslims in the selection of UN-approved refugees, but it would be very difficult to get firm evidence of such behaviour.

  • LairdKintyre

    Our Exalted Dear Leader Sir Justin the Good has good reason to keep these Yazidi Christians out of his Canada. Sharing the same Judeo-Christian heritage as the imperialist evil colonizers these Yazidis might prove to be trouble. They may share values like goodwill to all and that all men are brothers. Islamists are a much better fit for the future of Canada.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    He won’t do it because then he’ll be importing people with first hand knowledge of what Islam is about along with the scars to show people as proof.

  • dukestreet

    I noticed that when the Liberals took over they changed the rules making any agency that works with CIDA and probably other agencies as well, to go through the UN. Which means Muslims are the acceptable refugees & Christians are not. Under the Conservatives the priority was Christians that were and still are being killed in great numbers. Islamists are also killing Muslims but the majority of those truly at risk are non-Muslims. Which the UN doesn’t help because it’s become an Islamic organization.

    • huron

      liberals are never satisfied. They begin to hate what they are in aproximation with. This country was based on Christian beleifs they must reject it even if it destroys their own life.

  • DMB
    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      There is no mechanism for impeaching a Canerdian pm. That’s one reason its called “the friendly dictatorship”. 🙁