Jewish Defense League to inquire of Masjid Toronto if that “Filth Of The Jews!” stuff was taken out of context

Masjid Toronto sermon – “O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque From The Filth Of The Jews!”

I’m certain it was all just a big misunderstanding of Islam… for the 4,777,768 time…this year.

This guy understands Islam.

  • Ho Hum

    This should be interesting. Hope they have lots of camera’s to capture the action.

    • Yea sounds like a swell time.

    • Rebeccartillery

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  • felis gracilis

    Our liar leaders will never investigate the hate that is there for everyone to see in the Koran. They will bob and weave and prevaricate but they will never call it what it is. Here is an everyday prayer from mosques across Canada

    “In the prayer, the clerics ask Allah to give “victory to Muslims over the ‘Qawm al-Kafirun,’ the Arabic phrase that lumps all non-Muslims, that is Jews, Hindus, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists and Sikhs into one.”

    • Our political class lied, they will continue to lie, prison awaits.

  • Tooth&Claw

    It is unfortunate that the uninformed don’t know that hatred against the unbeliever, Christian and Jew is part and parcel of Islam and its practice. It would sure highlight that infidelophobia is more of a danger to us all.

  • Gary

    On Friday , a muslm posted on FB that the group was a white supremacy hate groups that should be banned in Canada.

    I pointed out that the islamic supremacy groups get almost 3000 muslims out for a pro-hamas rally in Toronto
    10-15 people outside a mosque is nothing.
    But is was odd that the ANTI-ISIS rally had less the 25 Muslms come out in a city where they boast about the 300,000+ that reject violence and DON’T support ISIS.

    Hmmmm 3000 muslims that support Hamas less the 25 condemn ISIS.

  • Barrington Minge

    what a wanker!

  • Dave

    If allah is so powerful, why doesn’t he/she/it kill the jews? If anyone’s god is proclaimed to hates anyone/thing why don’t their respective god(s) do their own damn work?