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Liberal MPs targets of personal attacks for supporting M-103: ‘Anti-Muslim sentiment does run deep’

Canada’s Muslim community felt the embrace of an outpouring of support Friday in the wake of stinging personal attacks against a member of Parliament who sponsored a motion to condemn and combat Islamophobia, even as negative reaction to the Liberal-backed proposition appeared to escalate.

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly, who this week fronted the Liberal party’s blessing of the motion, known as M-103, was met by expletive-laced condemnation on social media from outraged Canadians.

Joly’s Facebook account was peppered with derogatory, sexually demeaning and threatening messages.

In a new letter, Pope Francis tells activists to stand up to populists

Just days before the election, he cautioned against “social walls” and “false prophets” fueling fear and intolerance in politics. “No tyranny finds support without tapping into our fears,” Francis said. “This is key. Hence, all tyranny is terrorist.”

On the day of the inauguration, Francis warned against the rise of populist leaders like Adolf Hitler. “Crises provoke fear, alarm. In my opinion, the most obvious example of European populism is Germany in 1933,” the pope said. “A people that was immersed in a crisis, that looked for its identity until this charismatic leader came and promised to give their identity back, and he gave them a distorted identity, and we all know what happened.”

Yale Student Group Wants to Force Fraternities to Admit Women, Gives Sororities Free Pass

A Yale student group has waged a war on the university fraternities and will use Title IX to force them into admitting women—while letting female-only sororities off the hook.

Engender, a group led by students of Yale, claims it will lobby the university—citing Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on gender, and internal Yale policies against discrimination—to issue sanctions against male-only fraternities.

Denmark: Resolution Passed to Prevent Danes From Becoming a Minority

Even before the statement was approved, opposition parties slammed the wording of the text as divisive and discriminatory.

“This is one of the most extreme groupings into ’them and us’ that I’ve seen in a long time. And to pass it with votes from a so-called liberal government. That’s too much,” Pernille Skipper of the Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten) wrote on Facebook.

The student Left’s culture of intolerance is creating a new generation of conservatives

With all of this book-burning and platform-denying madness sweeping up much of the media’s interest in campus culture, the gradual rise of another group of students has gone under-reported. British and American millennials and post-millennials – also known as ‘Gen Z’ – are warming to conservatism.

Supplications at Masjid Toronto Mosque: “Slay them one by one and spare not one of them”

In 2016, imams (religious leaders who lead the prayers) at the mosque recited supplications to Allah in support of the “mujahideen (those of engage in jihad) everywhere”, the total destruction of the enemies of Islam and the purification of Al-Aqsa Mosque from the “filth of the Jews.”

Historic railway station in Germany to be turned into a mosque

The project is the brainchild of physician Maher Mouhandes who has gathered a team of devout Muslims volunteers to carry out work on the building in Lüchow in the Wendland.

Dr Mouhandes will act as imam at the mosque and said he expected to see around 100 worshippers at Friday prayers.

The Left’s All-Out War on Trump

I realize that nothing we do will stop the Left or dampen its single-minded determination to destroy Trump and preserve Obama’s radical agenda, but we can prevent the Left from succeeding if we fight back with equal energy and commitment. But that will be impossible unless we fully recognize what’s going on — the tactics of the Left and liberals’ ruthlessness. We are, in effect, in a war that we didn’t start.

Ted Nugent Discusses Possible U.S. Senate Race In 2018

“I’m always very interested in making my country and the great state of Michigan great again and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help in any way I possibly can,” Nugent told TheDCNF in an interview Wednesday.

RCMP bracing for more border crossers amid community concerns

The union representing border workers is calling for increased resources and local politicians say it is time to take another look at a pol​icy which encourages people to cross irregularly.

For its part, the RCMP says it is adjusting its resources in the area on a daily basis and tracking the peak times people cross — but adds warmer weather could complicate matters.

Police investigate anti-Muslim rally outside Toronto mosque as possible hate crime

Police are investigating whether an anti-Islam rally held on the doorstep of a mosque in the heart of downtown Toronto Friday had any criminal element and whether it could be considered a hate crime.

With signs of love and support plastered to its exterior, Masjid Toronto bore little sign on Saturday of the rally held there just a day before, during which more than a dozen people — with banners and loudspeakers in hand — called for a ban on Islam as Muslims prayed inside.