CBC Publishes Islamist Propaganda… wait that’s not news

Anti-Islamophobia motion offers a chance to take a stand against hatred. Why quibble over semantics?

In the government’s zeal to force Islam down our throat the CBC has published an op-ed by an NCCM, (National Council of Canadian Muslims), propagandist extolling the virtues of M-103.

The NCCM is the old CAIR – Canada, a Muslim Brotherhood propaganda front.

We’re told there’s nothing to fear about M-103, naturally.

Well I disagree, anything that legitimizes Islam, a violent supremacist cult, is dangerous on it’s own.

Anything that threatens freedom of speech is an existential threat. Period.

Islam is totalitarian by nature and the CBC column just the latest effort by Islamist propagandists to undermine our civilization’s most powerful right. Islamophobia is about shutting down criticism of a violent ant-western political ideology masquerading as religion.

Nowhere in the world does Islam exist in peace. Remember that.

Is there good news? Based on the comments it is evident the citizens are “woke” and the Muslim 5th Columnist is taking a beating, deservedly so.