Bad boy Milo on Twitter vs. hate

It didn’t sell. From Milo at Breitbart:

Today’s quarterly release from Twitter was incredibly grim. The only thing worse than their fourth quarter performance is their future outlook. This doesn’t come as any surprise to my regular readers, who will recall that I declared Twitter to be in rigor mortis at the end of 2016.

This death spiral kicked off when I was unjustly banned by Twitter just before I hosted a Gays for Trump party at the RNC. Far from shutting me up, Twitter catapulted me onto television. Enjoy this CNBC clip from Cleveland. I was having a great hair day, just like every day.

Twitter’s management team — the few stragglers who haven’t recently quit or are planning their exit now after this dismal earnings release — think I’m the Anti-Christ. I think that’s going too far, but I will cop to being the Anti-Jack. Jack Dorsey has run Twitter into the ground with no signs of stopping. More.

Reality check: It doesn’t sell because people who aren’t involved don’t care. A lot of hate is like listening to the loud woman at the next table diss her ex. I don’t want to hear it but I definitely don’t want a big crusade against it. I am more worried about the zealots than  about her, with good reason.

Oh well, Twitter succeeded at something: Making hate sound dull.

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  • Gary

    On the Bill Maher show, a black guest called Milo a homophobic racist.

    Milo laughed at Bill for having Low IQ guests,the 2 black men that resorted to ” go F yourself ”
    Wow…….such good role models for black boys to emulate and Obama’s daughters to want as a husband .

    And so the cycle continues in the Ghettos.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Canada gets lame goofs like George Strombolombonopolous and the U.S. gets intelects like Milo Yiannopolus…

    • Their poovy Greeks are better than our poovy Greeks.

    • ismiselemeas

      Milo is a Brit.

    • Watchman

      Milo holds a British passport, I believe and is in the USA on a visa. So you too Canada can get a piece of Milo – except that I think he likes to sh!tst!r on a larger stage than one of Justine’s.

      • Alain

        He would likely be banned from Canada anyway, but you are right on the world stage Canada is insignificant.

    • Will Quest

      Stuffalotofpusss is pure Canadiana …… the talentless buffoon left CBC’s bosom to ply his trade in the USA where viewer ratings count and came back with his tail up his ass ……

  • Hard Little Machine

    No one, not even the most hard core SJW lesbian BLM Mexican tranny vegan Muslim Nazi democrat interspecies gendered nutjob can keep track of the twitter rules to avoid being banned or temporarily blocked. It only takes a few of those sanctions before almost 100% of the people they attack give up. If you thought the group think mind control on reddit was laughable, twitter is much much worse. It was a ‘joke’ that twitter ‘accidentally’ blocked their own CEO but it’s not a joke. They handed over the keys to the mental patients and no one, NO ONE knows how it runs anymore.

  • ismiselemeas

    One of my clients was the designer/coder for Twitter moments. He recently moved back to Toronto from NY for “an offer he couldn’t refuse”. I see twitter mortis setting in already.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Hate gets such a bad rap. For example, I hate islam and that’s a good thing.