Welcome to Sweden, Eldorado for Migrants!

In 2016, Sweden received 28,939 asylum seekers. Sweden is a predominantly Christian country in northern Europe, and yet most asylum seekers to Sweden came from three Muslim countries in the Middle East: Syria (5,459), Afghanistan (2,969) and Iraq (2,758). Why is it that people from these three Muslim countries choose to cross Europe to come to Sweden? What is it that Sweden offers that attracts people from the other side of the world?

It is not the major metropolises in Sweden that attract these people. 56% of Sweden’s land area is covered by forest. Besides the Swedish capital Stockholm, there is no Swedish city with more than 1 million inhabitants. Sweden’s average annual temperature is around 3°C (37.4°F), so it is not the weather that attracts tens of thousands of people from Muslim countries to Sweden.

What Sweden provides is economic and social benefits for all who come.

  • Mindoflight

    Problem: Create a strife or hardships within local population. Make it so they don’t see the whole picture, but only small fragmented pieces. Some – but very few – will try to see the bigger picture. They will be shunned and ridiculed.

    Reaction: Given the problem mentioned above, the reaction will be whatever suits the agenda. But most likely it will be rebellious and rich in conflicting ideologies and political views. A ‘demand’ will arise to rid of the problem by the population.

    Solution: Given some time, a authoritarian power will rise to the ‘needs’ and demands of the people. They will seem like the heroes; there to rid of the problem. The solution by this power will be whatever suits the agenda. It has no interest in the people. The people are only a means to establish this goal.

    Conclusion: This agenda-driven “endgame” has one enemy, and one friend. The enemy are the people who dare to question EVERYTHING. The friend is the good people who will do nothing, and time is their biggest asset. For they do not care about time. It is on their side. As long as nobody does anything, questions everything, then time is their biggest weapon. A weapon they use – and have used – over a very long time. The people will do the fighting, while the hidden mega-rich will enjoy the stage. A stage of their creation.

    Are you enjoying the stage? What part do YOU play?

  • LairdKintyre

    The Swedes forebears, the Vikings, would be disgusted to see what degenerate doormats their progeny had become. To think the Swedes lay down and let these people walk all over them is beyond disgusting. Wake up Europe. Wake up Now for the Sake of God and for the sake of your children. I would like to take my own children to the continent their ancestors came from one day and be able to do so in peace and safety. I’d like my children to see something that resembles themselves.

  • Dana Garcia

    Generous and stupid toward invaders — yes, that would be El Dorado to hostile muzbots.

    • John Boy

      But they all share commons values….. hating the Jews.

      So they get what the deserve. It’s just a shame the immigrant crime isn’t targeting the politicians who support this.

  • deplorabledave


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Sweden is a secular country and hasn’t been predominately Christian for decades.

    • Watchman

      Vatican City seems on course to eventually achieve this same secular character, going on the religiosity of the clergy, especially the latest Pope Francis.

  • WalterBannon

    Also the Swedes are anti-Semites and fascists which is attractive for Muslims.