Police investigate anti-Muslim rally outside Toronto mosque as possible hate crime

Police are investigating whether an anti-Islam rally held on the doorstep of a mosque in the heart of downtown Toronto Friday had any criminal element and whether it could be considered a hate crime.

…(Const. Allyson) Douglas-Cook told CBC Toronto it’s too early to determine whether the incident will be considered a hate crime but that investigators are looking into the possibility.

There’s a “fine line,” Douglas-Cook said, between the free expression of thoughts and views, and breaching the law or violating a particular group.

Asked what that line is, Douglas-Cook responded: “That’s a conversation we’ve been having all day.”

And do be grateful that you’re being enriched by this creep:

Mehdi Sheikh, who is hip to your guilt and cowardice. How do you live with yourself, anyway?

“There’s a population who feel that they are becoming a minority even though, by far, white people in Canada are still the majority… I guess their fear is that the way they’ve treated those minorities for so many years when they came, they think that’s how they’ll be treated.”

  • ontario john

    He will probably get an award from John Tory, and be made a Liberal cabinet minister.

    • huron

      That is a Cheshire grin if i have ever seen one

    • I think you have to have nice hair to get anywhere in Canadian politics.

  • DMB

    The Muslims are not wasting anytime taking advantage of motion M103 banning “islamophobia”.

    • Alain

      As I said before expect to see a lot of this bogus crap that the Liberals will use as an excuse to pass M103.

      • Will Quest

        Mock-ups for the ’cause’ . The CBC are experts at divisive & false paradigms …… that’s what they do ……

  • huron

    Well here we go. When will an mpp get tangled in their own web? FOOLS ALL OF THEM!

  • frame_away

    Deception: under pretension for protection of minority, the Islamist can be hostile toward white people.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I will likely get slammed for making this observation, but Canadians need to experience a major Islamist attack in order to be awoken from their public-education induced slumber. Ordinary Canadians – lots of them – will have to die in order for this virtue-signalling slumber to end. I wish it could be otherwise, but apparently Canadians are THAT asleep/unconscious/stupid. It will be a shock to the System of Established (Dis)Order which prevails in this Balkanized country.

    • Alain

      Sadly you are right I fear. When it happens (not if) there will still remain some refusing to accept the evidence, but I agree that it would awaken the sleeping majority.

    • Toronto, especially downtown Toronto is not Canada. I have much confidence that Canadians beyond the borders of the “Old City Of Toronto” are aware of Islam.

      Daniel Pipes was right, “Education by Murder” works – it opens eyes. Each Muslim atrocity results in increased awareness.

      People know what is going on in Europe despite the best efforts of our government and press to lie about it.

      • Clink9

        The other day on a chairlift, an Average Joe Canadian out with his kids , asked me about Bill 103 and the possibility of muslims rising above all others in rights.

        I told him the fact that Canadians are willing to speak about it means we are closer to winning this thing, whether it’s civil war or some other way.

    • CoolTolerance

      Yes. I’ve been praying for this. It won’t happen in Toronto, too many Muslims. Nor Montreal, too many Muslims. Could be Calgary.

    • josco

      They did. Justin Trudeau managed the narrative well enough so it’s now the opposite: the perpetrators are the victims.
      THAT’S why Quebec Shooting is so murky and malleable. But not sure it’ll come out.

  • SDMatt

    There’s a “fine line,” (Const. Allyson) Douglas-Cook said, between the free expression of thoughts and views, and breaching the law or violating a particular group.

    Asked what that line is, Douglas-Cook responded: “That’s a conversation we’ve been having all day.”

    Fuck off, Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook; I’ll say what I want about Islam in the way I want when I want, so fuck off Constable.

    • I for one welcome the fact that my freedom of expression is dependent on what sort of conversations Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook has been having lately.

      • Exile1981

        Want to bet that conversationbwas him being told the outcome of his investigation?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    You are losing your country at the hands of a bunch of virtue-signalers that want to give it all away to savages who will enslave you.

  • pdxnag

    Ain’t every gathering of one or more Muslims to pray an incident of hate, hate on non-Muslims?

  • “There’s a ‘fine line,’ Douglas-Cook said, between the free expression of
    thoughts and views, and breaching the law or violating a particular

    That’s the problem, there is not in fact a “fine line” — it’s an extremely THICK LINE. The line is called “violence” — if there is no violence then there is no crime, certainly as far as free speech is concerned.

    And if this cop doesn’t understand the difference, then perhaps I can illustrate: If free speech and violence are separated by such a thin line, then perhaps there’s nothing wrong with me pulling out a gun and blowing out a traffic cop’s brains the next time he gives me a traffic ticket, instead of simply exercising my free speech to dispute the ticket in court. Heck it’s just toss-up, may be, maybe not a crime. At least if you follow this cop’s logic.

    • Waffle

      LOLOLOL!!!! Perhaps Constable Douglas-Cook was merely being ironic; Actually, if something is to be considered hate speech, according to our laws, there has to be a threat against an individual or a group of people such as ‘kill the Jews”, for example.

      • I wish I had your optimism.

        • Waffle

          The whole situation is so frickin’ insane, all I can do is try to find the humour in it. Besides, I’m an old, old woman and I have a very bad ticker. If I drop dead over something I can do nothing about, who the hell will take care of my terrible cat?

    • Ho Hum

      I used to think that as long as you are not inciting violence anything goes as far as free speech is concerned. Unfortunately that is not the case in Canada (in the U.S. it works that way under the 1st amendment)

      You can be charged under section 281.2(2) of the Criminal Code [now 319(2)] (“Every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group”)

      Under this law anyone who is critical of Islam could be deemed to “promote hatred against an identifiable group” (Muslims)

      We really have no freedom of speech in Canada.

      • Ho Hum

        Doing more research on section 319 of the criminal code I notice these defenses:


        (3) No person shall be convicted of an offence under subsection (2)

        (a) if he establishes that the statements communicated were true;

        (b) if, in good faith, he expressed or attempted to establish by argument an opinion on a religious subject;

        So it appears that if you are expressing an opinion on a religious subject you can’t be charged with a hate crime.

      • Except everybody knows it’s okay to promote hatred against Christians, conservatives, libertarians, Jews, etc. in Canada. In fact the State encourages it — in my mind the law is unconstitutional if the State is allowed to systemically violate it for certain groups only — groups that the State falsely brands as “phobic” for example. And since the Supreme Court never intervenes on behalf of these Officially-defamed groups, the entire system is corrupt and dysfunctional.

  • Dapto

    Canada = Sweden 2.0, sweden will be 70% muslim by 2050 it has been said, but it’ll be an islamic state way before then.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops
  • CoolTolerance

    I think this is the mosque. What are they preaching if not hate and evil?

  • I call total bullsh– on the lot of this.

    Remember – Motion 103 is proposed by a Muslim for the flimsiest reasons. If pointing out that Islamist terrorism exists is “Islamaphobic”, then what is to say if comments were left at the mosque that they were truly threatening in nature?

    It is interesting to note that despite this, commenters on articles about this are indifferent. They’ve had it with Islamist and they want them gone. The CBC article does not have comments. Hhhmmm….

    Oops. The pity train has derailed.

    • Canadian Born

      If CBC did have comments on it they would delete them, they are great at doing that. I know because I have had some deleted.

  • Ho Hum

    Are police going to investigate the numerous documented hate speech crimes committed INSIDE this mosque?