More Gallup data confirms American public’s overwhelming Israel support

It would be political suicide for Democrats to embrace the anti-Israel far left.

Interestingly in Canada… a recent poll suggested the opposite a strong lack of support for Israel among the LPC and NDP rank and file.

  • jayme

    One of (many) reasons Harper lost last time around, perhaps: he was seen by the progressive side of Canadian society – which is far too large a group – as being too chummy with Netanyahu and too supportive of Israel. Canada has really turned away from America and toward Europe in recent decades – and will meet with the same fate as Europe, if it continues down this path.

    • Justin is making sure that Islam is here to help that effort.

    • Alain

      I disagree about that being a reason for him losing. The two main reasons are as follows. The MSM carried out a sustained hate campaign against him for a good eight years, creating and feeling the HDS. The effect of this smear campaign cannot underestimated. I knew more than one person who normally is conservative in views and values but thought Harper was close to Hitler due to the lies and disinformation from the MSM. The MSM still remain the source of news and information (along with social media) for the majority of Canadians. Secondly, due to his incrementalism even with a majority government and ignoring much of the conservative base on issues, it turned off many of those who would have voted for him otherwise but chose not to vote.

      • Waffle

        You are correct insofar as your reasoning goes. However there were other factors: 1) the appearance of instant Liberals at the polls thanks to the aggressive efforts of paid organizers. These newly-minted voters, legitimate and otherwise, swamped the slightly increased Conservative turnout; 2) the corruption of Elections Canada. Poll clerks and other staff turned a blind eye to voter ID; 3) laziness and smug arrogance on the part of Conservative campaign staff. In my riding, volunteer support collapsed at the 11th hour and there was zero effort to GOTV; 4) a Liberal-leaning 5th column within the Jewish community.

        • Alain

          Yes indeed you are correct about that. I had covered it in the past but not this time. I know I repeat myself but in my own riding in BC this was the case.

      • deplorabledave

        “I knew more than one person who normally is conservative in views and values but thought Harper was close to Hitler due to the lies and disinformation from the MSM.”

        Speaking to a former colleague after a long hiatus (I guess he was also an ostensible conservative) I asked him about the US election.
        He hemmed and hawed and when I told him I was ecstatic with the result he was struck dumb. I believe he is influenced by his wife and her girl friends and the msm. Nice guy but easily swayed.

        • Alain

          Women fall for this more than men. Not saying men never fall for the disinformation and lies, but generally women operate on an emotional level. My American daughter-in-law was the complete opposite concerning Trump. They supported him from the start but due to their business in southern California had to keep it to themselves. I think the fact that my daughter-in-law runs a business with my son, they is much more down-to-earth and realist than a lot of women. A neighbour and friend also mentioned to me recently that were they Americans his wife would be a Democrat. He like I understands the danger of what is happening in Canada, especially the destruction that Islam brings, while his wife still clings to the idea that everyone is equal and really the same.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Don’t worry, the media plans on changing that!

    • John Boy

      Wasn’t that what the whole purpose in the Liberals giving the CBC over $100 million in extra funding?

  • Hard Little Machine

    The democrats are ideologically blinkered. It’s death or victory for them. They’d love to bring down the country and even themselves in a suicidal death march if it means getting their way. This is not normal politics.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Your media has indoctrinated you differently in Canada.

    • LPC Propaganda 1 is doing good job.

    • Alain

      Certainly when it pertains to Israel, the news here always puts Israel in a negative light. I cannot ever recall any example of balanced reporting on the subject. In fact it is pretty much what I recall when living in France.

  • Linda1000 Isn’t it amazing, Netanyahu no longer has to enter the White House by the back or side doors as he did with Ozero.

    • And he’s smiling.

      • marty_p

        I find BiBi’s wife an obnoxious individual – she is the Israeli embodiment of that famous Jean Cretien era politician David Dingwall who proudly proclaimed “I am entitled to my entitlements”.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Bibi can be to Trump what Churchill was to Roosevelt. Israel is no longer a charity case, but an advanced military power whose people happen to be ardently pro-American.

  • Oracle9

    I have no faith in the intelligence or rationality of my fellow Canadians. I knew that as soon as the pre-election results in 2015 showed the Liberals sweeping the Maritimes, that we as a country are f***ed.