Free Speech Vs. ‘Hate Speech’

I recently attended a symposium, held at the University of Toronto and sponsored by a group of politically savvy libertarian and conservative students, on the topic of free speech and expression in the current repressive cultural and political milieu. The audience of almost every other conservative symposium I have attended has been composed chiefly of elderly white men, with a modest sprinkling of women and a sparse handful of younger people. On this occasion I was gladdened to note that the age gap had been bridged, dividing equally between older and younger, while the distaff representation was comparatively prominent.

The fact that the symposium was organized by two student groups worried about their political and economic future, Students for Liberty and Generation Screwed, explained the mixed composition of the conference attendees and signaled a more hopeful future for the nascent conservative movement growing on campus as well as in the non-academic world. This young, right-leaning cohort — politically active, intellectually engaged, well-educated and civil — are in marked contrast to their leftist counterparts consisting of a mélange of snowflakes and hooligans, who were soon to make their presence known at the event.

  • granny47

    Some good news for a change then!

  • I was the politest person on the face of the earth until about a decade ago — 100% “Canadian” in that respect, always deferring to others etc., and as a Christian always conscious of my obligation to show by example the love of God to everybody.

    Until I came under attack by the Left-wing “mobbing” that is so popular in this country. I tried responding in “love” over and over again, and was always attacked even more viciously (including assaults), always absorbing the mob hate directed toward me. Until it reached a point that it was no longer mentally healthy to “love” everybody — at a certain point you have to defend yourself. Even Jesus put a limit on how many times we are expected to “turn the other cheek” — “seventy times seven”: in other words 490 times. I think I surpassed the “490 times” Christians are expected to absorb abuse. So I started to fight back.

    But when you start to fight back — out of self-preservation — the Left wing mob labels you as a “hater”. When in fact, all you are doing is fighting back against hate. And since the State now Officially supports the hating of State-designated “haters”, we’re sitting on a powder keg, folks. Justin Trudeau must be stopped.

    • mobuyus

      I was led to believe one could correct the situation when one had no more cheeks to turn, at that point free will kicks in.

      • Very true — and free will tends to “kick in” to somebody’s balls. So whether you follow the 490 slaps rule, or the two cheeks/two slaps rule, your foot connecting with somebody’s scrotum is a satisfying choice.

        • mobuyus

          My cowboy boot splits the scrotum and wedges into the anus launching the miscreant a few feet into the air.

    • Minicapt

      Nope … Matthew 18:
      21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?
      22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

      Turning the other cheek required one ‘turning’. The slap was administered by a superior to an inferior, with the back of the right hand. By turning to creek, one invited the assailant to strike a peer (not and inferior) which then permitted a suitably violent response.