“Ever since Justin Trudeau opened his big mouth & said everyone is welcome in Canada, it just got stupid round here”

Emerson homeowner blames Trudeau for spike in asylum crossings

  • vimy

    He Merklized his thoughts and now look what happens

    • He’s having a sex change so he can be Merkel.

      • huron

        They are both androdginous. andro? androdgi? aw you get my drift

    • felis gracilis

      Merkel must have given him a good work over with her strap-on.

      • Will Quest

        I hear the little bosh Merkel is the one who wears the strap=on in her relationships …

  • Alain

    Brad is correct, but I would not have been willing to help any of them. Call me whatever name; that is the point to which I have pushed now.

    • PaxCan

      I’m at that point as well.

      I’m so immigrant/refugee fatigued that I really don’t give a damn anymore about these people and their problems. I know most of them are scamming opportunists trying to game the U.S. and Canadian asylum systems.

      Besides, if they were all given a warm welcome it would just encourage more of this behaviour. Refusing to help sends a message.

  • huron

    Do you think anyone with half a brain in ottowa heard pony say that and said oh shit get in back in his crate?

  • frame_away

    I am am immigrant, but there is a freaky dogma about immigration in Canada. We are all immigrants, so all can immigrate. Think for a moment, how Canada would look like today if for the first 100 years of The Confederation, would for example be settled by Muslims ? Shia in today’s Quebec and Sunni in Ontario. Oh wait, to think and imagine is racist.

    • ismiselemeas

      In a bizarre twist of fate Colombus’ journey west was due to islamic piracy, kidnapping and slavery in the Mediterranean. If it wasn’t for muslims being islamic there would be no new world.

      • LairdKintyre

        So many little quirks in history due to Islam. Spanish inquisition? Ever wonder why Spain had such a harsh crackdown from the Catholic Church in the 16th century. At that point Spain first ally drove the Muslims out and wanted to make damn sure they weren’t coming back.

        The funerary practice of India of widows throwing themselves on their husbands pyre’s? Due to Islam. When Muslims invaded India. The wives of defeated Hindi generals and

        • LairdKintyre

          Officers would throw themselves on funeral pyre’s of their husbands rather than be made sex slaves of conquering Muslims.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops
  • Dana Garcia

    Right, the welcome-the-muslim-world policy has worked out so well for Merkel and Germany.

  • Lo

    The mayor of Montreal was proud to announce that he will make Montreal a sanctuary city. He thus teaches that it is fine to violate the laws of out country, and that we should be proud of it. Quite an example !
    Mr Trump said that he would deport the CRIMINAL illegals. Guess who is rushing to
    accept JT’s and the Mayor’s invitation ?…These politicians are representing foreign interests and are not concerned with our well being nor our security.
    Europe is a good example of what happens when our natural compassion is shamefully manipulated by calculating politicians. A bloody disaster.

    • huron

      If we are going lawless what does the mayors car look like ? I need a new ride

    • PaxCan

      In my view being a mayor, or on city council for that matter, and declaring your city a “sanctuary city” is a declaration that you’re refusing to follow federal immigration law and therefore are in dereliction of duty. You’re aiding and abetting criminal behaviour and should be removed from your post and charged accordingly.

  • PaxCan

    This just shows that the Third Safe Country Agreement needs to be amended to include all land crossings.

    Why this loophole was allowed is beyond me? I honestly didn’t know it existed and assumed any crossing was covered in the agreement. This lack of foresight is amateurish and what’s astounding is the Cons. left it this way.

  • k1962

    As soon as the idiot opened his big mouth I said, he just Merkeled us! And he did. They’re coming and just wait until summer. The Donald won’t have to deport anyone. They’ll all just come up to Canada and our stupid Federal government along with the immigration/refugee industry will accept everyone. Get ready to borrow more money and pay more taxes!

  • marty

    I crossed there accidentally once. There wasn’t anyone guarding the Canada->US direction, no barriers, etc.

  • Minicapt

    You might think about editing the image to read “Shit, No Brains”.


  • John

    This is just the beginning. A few days ago Dennis Cordere, Montréal’s mayor, declared the place a sanctuary city. He wants to ensure that these opportunistic, economic migrants be given access to all public services.

    Back in 2015, the city’s administration realized there were so many desperate homeless people, most born here, they had to organize a census to determine the exact number. There were 1,000s of them, and their numbers are increasing. The city and the province simply haven’t the means to really do anything about them, and yet they’re now insisting we welcome what could become 10s of 1000s of illegals.

    What an insanely expensive way to signal one’s virtue.