Brit makeup firm won’t serve Trump tarts

Make-up for drag queens.

From Rachel Thompson at Mashable:

A popular British makeup brand is taking a stand against Donald Trump by forcing all customers to take an “anti-fascism pledge”.

Illamasqua’s founder Julian Kynaston announced the move in a blog on the brand’s website, stating the brand is “horrified by President Trump’s actions to date”. More.

Reality check:  So the way to be an anti-fascist is to swear never to use whatever bearfat grease Donald Trump might approve? Well, girls, you still won’t be interesting but at least you will be Correct. And, if you can afford it, you will be increasingly exclusive.

The big thing for the rest of us is not to be on the hook for supporting these companies financially if they don’t have customers. Like we do now with media in Canada.

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