Wisconsin students demand free tuition for black students

Black students should be offered free tuition and housing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison because blacks were legally barred from education during slavery and university remains out of reach for black students today, the student government said Wednesday.

  • Dis

    just give them free (and worthless) diplomas or degrees now, and save a lot of expense, vandalism and hassle. Most wouldn’t go there to study anyway, sadly…

    • Reader

      To prove it isn’t a racist university they should give them honourary Phd’s in their choice of: Gender Studies, Labour Studies, or Race Relation Studies.

      I am sure that will get them very high paying jobs in the USA’s biggest union the National Education Association.

      • Uncommunist

        And displace all the privileged white feminists spewing hate for unemployed racist white het males ? … the horror

  • BillyHW

    I can’t think of a more efficient way to flush money down the toilet.

  • Minicapt

    Give them each a $100 gift card, call it a voucher, and tell them to make it last.


  • simus1

    Madison is very much on the style of south Toronto’s marxist stockyards.

  • Clink9

    I think the “student government” should provide these blacks with oral sex and foot massages as well. Why stop halfway?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I agree. And do away with all matriculation requirements, admission standards, classes and exams too. Double the costs to white students to make up for it.

    I am 100% in favor of this.

  • Ed

    As always, the SJW’s prescriptions for justice involve somebody else pay for it.

  • Raymond Cameron

    It should be limited to universities founded before the abolition of slavery.

  • Michael Daniel

    A. Was Wisconsin a state during slavery?
    B. If so was the university even there?
    C. Wisconsin is a northern state. Blacks were freed by the northern states.

  • USAF Vet

    I live in that state and I sure as hell don’t feel like paying for that b.s.
    I already have negro fatigue.