Syrian asylum seeker is jailed for life in Sweden after horrifying footage emerged of him taking part in the execution of seven men in 2012

A Swedish court on Thursday sentenced a Syrian man to life imprisonment for participation in the 2012 mass execution of seven government troops in Syria.

The Stockholm District Court ruled that 46-year-old refugee Haisam Omar Sakhanh joined the armed group Suleiman Company in early May 2012, and shot a person dead with an assault rifle.

Judge Tomas Zander said the victim, who was not identified, was shot dead along with six others ‘under particularly cruel circumstances’.

The seven men who were shot were part of the Syrian regime who had been captured by the independent Islamist group, which was founded in 2011.

  • john700

    We now that life in prison in Sweden doesn’t mean that.
    Why not deport him do Damascus? Bashar will swiftly take care of him.

    • The Butterfly

      But then the Swedish taxpayer wouldn’t have to feed and house him for the rest of his life.

      • john700

        Hey, Bashar will feed and house him for the rest of his life. 3 long days.

  • simus1

    The mean Swedish judge and his “heavy sentence” will likely be slapped down by a higher court consisting of desperate social climbers more attuned to the elitist mindset where promotions are concerned.

  • ontario john

    That sort of reporting is Islamophobic! I’m glad we don’t allow that in Sunny Ways Canada.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But at least he will culturally enrich the prison system with his Dahwa to convert all the other inmates to Islam.

      • ontario john

        Praise Allah!!

      • Observer

        That’s what “segregation” is meant to prevent among the inmate population. Let’s hope they have the sense to implement it, or expel him to the government of Syria.

    • bkungl

      Not yet. The Liberals are allowing bestiality which is so disgusting. There is no Sunny ways in Canada now that the Liberals are destroying this great country.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Is “Life” a real thing in Sweden? I didn’t think the Nordics did that.

    • Ed

      Googled it… It typically means 10 years.

  • Uncommunist

    What an idiot, he could have illegally entered Canada and become an MP and cabinet minister to dictate to little Canadians about destroying their Judeo-Christian heritage and taking their money to further goals which are contrary to their survival.

  • canminuteman

    How may other guys like this are wandering around the civilized world?