Star inadvertently publishes sane op-ed

A respite from the frothing at the mouth Islamist theatrics of the Iqra Khalid’s and Haroon Siddiqui’s of the world

Muslim majority needs to become more vocal

“…While the tragedy in Quebec City provided an opportunity for the Muslim community to bridge any mistrust that exists, unfortunately the Arab-Muslim community failed to demonstrate their allegiance to the land when the coffins of three victims were wrapped in Algerian and Tunisian flags.

The prime minister of Canada, the premier of Quebec, and mayors of Montreal and Quebec City were all present at the funeral prayers to pay respect to the victims, who for them were Canadians. But the Arab-Muslim community showed no respect to their gesture or the sentiment of a common Canadian by reminding them that they are Algerian and Tunisian first and then Canadian.”

h/t MP

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    We have crazy people here too…why bring in more muzzle’ms to irritate them? Isn’t that actually their solution in muzzle’em domains? Get rid of the annoyances?

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • andycanuck

    I’m sure Toronto’s Moslems will get right on that.

  • KAMRAN SIDDIQUI, sure sounds Muslim to me. And his BA is from Pakistan.

    Just another taqiyya fluff piece.

    • Maybe, maybe not.

    • Frances

      There are Christians in Pakistan, but they’re a seriously persecuted minority.

  • Editor

    For the “muslim majority to become more vocal”, the delusion of “moderate islam” needs to be real. I’m still not convinced it is. At least not in the numbers required to have an impact.

  • Coffins shouldn’t be wrapped in any flag, including Canadian. The Canadian flag draping a coffin should be reserved for Military, Police, etc. who died in service to the Nation.

    • Noted.

    • Frances

      In a lot of Christian burials, the coffin is draped in a pall which signifies all – great or small – are equal before God, no matter how much the funeral is costing.

  • reidjr

    Malik and the one we shall not name can’t be happy about this

  • Ron MacDonald

    The Toronto Star probably feels this will help them sell more newspaper in the South Asian community.

  • k1962

    Wow. That was nice to read, but I’m sure he is now going face a lot of “love” from his community for what he said. They don’t take to kindly to ANY form of constructive criticism.

  • Gary

    The anti-ISIS rally in Toronto a couple of years back was meant to be a success because Toronto has 300,000 peaceful muslims.
    But less than 30 came out which included the Organizers and acouple of non-muslism.
    yet….a jew-hating pro-hamas rally had the CBC and STAR claiming the crowd was around 3000 .
    Calgary had over 1000 jew-hating muslims at their rally to support hamas.
    Below is the Edmonton protest march against ISIS. It had about 130 people but that too had about 60 non-muslims. I circles the sign with Yellow where it alleges a conspiracy for ISIS doing terrorism .