“Sanctuary Cities Are Racist” – Black Trump Supporter Drops The Mic At Town Hall

  • DMB

    I give her speech two thumbs up!

  • Shebel

    I give it 3 thumbs up. It must be so frustrating for Black people to listen to White man’s Politics. We are almost like on other sides of the World.
    But—We are not— It is our Politicians —the ones that smile and promise you the MOON—–
    They are the enemy.

  • k1962

    Someone the lefties probably hate dealing with and that’s an informed and articulate black woman who supports the Donald!

    • Uncommunist

      Who would ? I wonder if a gaggle of leftists would be able to match the general knowledge level of anyone on this blog that posts regularly … doubt it.

      • Bataviawillem

        Wisdom comes with age, I would like to know the average age of the posters here, I bed you its over 50.

        • Uncommunist

          lol How do you explain Suzuki ? Di Novo ? … etc

    • Frances

      She also has all the facts in order as well. An impressive speech.

  • BillyHW

    Somebody gets it. Both blacks and whites are being sold out by our politicians.

  • Shebel

    Takes a lot of GUTS for a Black Lady to say what she feels.
    Especially,when she knows that Black people will be against her.
    From my heart–LADY——-

    Sanctuary Cities are a Construct of White , Guilt, Ridden assholes– that are so stupid— that they don’t even know that their largess is hurting Black People.

    I guess all they see is skin pigmentation. There is no difference.

    It must be discouraging.

    • Clausewitz

      Sanctuary Cities are nothing more than racist ghettos created in an effort to make White Progressives feel good about themselves. Of course those same white Progressives either don’t live in “those” neighbourhoods, or are in gated communities surrounded by armed guards.

      • They are illegal centres. They are demanding separate tiers of justice for various groups.

  • Shebel

    It is a real shame. Just when maybe Black and White people are starting to become somewhat copacetic–
    Our Politicians are tossing everything into the MIX.
    Now it is not just skin pigmentation – it is Religion.

    I guess the Politicians are bound and determined to make us have a WAR.

    It is too bad that we could not get together and have something like a —
    French Revolution.

    I don’t see why we should satisfy them by KILLING each other—
    Just so THEY can Win.

  • Shebel

    I don’t know what Trump is going to be like—- He could be the worst or the best .

    What I do know— Is that Obama used and abused Black people by making flowery speeches and then tossed you ALL to the WOLVES of Open Borders.

    Feel free to give me shit—- I just don’t see where ,I am wrong.

  • It’s cheap labour (read: slavery).

  • Uncommunist

    Ha ! This woman is standing up and speaking out in Commiefornia. She is a trooper !