I’m a liberal Muslim and I reject M-103

Iqra Khalid, Muslim 5th Columnist – Do not trust this person.

The most damaging assault by Islamic fundamentalists on Western values – and indeed Western civilization itself – is in the realm of free speech.

There have been attempts to quash free speech right here in Canada.

The Canadian Islamic Congress objected to Mark Steyn’s book America Alone, and Calgary imam Syed Soharwardy actually filed a human rights complaint against former Sun News Network host Ezra Levant for publishing the prophet Mohammad’s cartoons back in 2006.

Privately, a handful of liberal Muslims endure a daily barrage of angry emails because they challenge the obscurantism that characterizes radical Islam.

  • Editor

    When 10,000 Liberal Muslims come out and disavow this motion, this MP and the whole concept of islamophobia, maybe we’ll get somewhere.

  • deplorabledave

    “We know some Muslims are working to institute gender equality, and others are partners with the government in fighting terror. However, these efforts need to become the norm rather than the exception. Once this takes place, the world will automatically begin to see Muslims in positive light.”

    It will never take place. When muslims are the minority they are all for human rights, when muslims are the majority there are no human rights.

    Even if the majority of muslims were not savages, the minority who are savages would cow the majority into acquiescence to their barbarism.

    • WalterBannon

      the majority of muslims are savages

    • Clausewitz

      How can you reform Islam when under Shariah law “everything” is punishable by death?

  • Editor

    When 10,000 Liberal Muslims come out and disavow this motion, this MP and the whole concept of islamophobia, maybe we’ll get somewhere. Until then, I fear this flyer from CAIR Florida represents islam in the West better than Ms Hassan’s opinion piece.


  • Liberal Progressive

    Then you’re an old-school Liberal and have no place on Team Trudeau!

    When the Liberal Youth sees this they would list you as a traitor in the LibList database if they haven’t already done so!

    There is no place for you in the new Liberal Party of Canada!

    • John Boy

      You forgot the Team Trudeau call when you saluted: “Allahu Akbar”!

  • Gary

    No big shock, Trudeau has a Jew-hating homophobic Shia MP from Iran that LIED on the Citizenship application that she was a refugee from Afghanistan .
    No matter which nation she’s from …they both murder gays
    and beat women.
    But Justin s a feminist and supports the LGBTQ2WT community.

  • Sadly, she will be ignored and, if Motion 103 passes and morphs into something worse, she will be silenced.

  • Alain

    I suppose if one can be a “liberal” Muslim, then one can be a Christian Muslim. Islam does not tolerate liberalism, so why cling to the cult?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    In stills she looks lighter as if she’s being overly well lit for the photograph.
    Video tells a different story.