Governor General to visit Sweden to strengthen ties between “inclusive societies”

According to the official statement the delegation “will enhance relations with their counterparts from Sweden” and “these exchanges will further strengthen Canada’s ties with Sweden, with a particular focus on innovation, trade, and inclusive and sustainable societies.”

He should be visiting Hungary.

  • Reader

    Now a song that both governments can get behind!

    • John Boy

      Both governments seem to have a hate-on against Jews but that goes with their islamophillia.

  • David Murrell

    I hope the GG gets to visit a no-go zone in Malmo, alone.

    • Martin B

      If he got mugged and raped by a pack of Mohammedans, he still wouldn’t stop babbling about inclusive societies.

      Sweden 2.0 here we come.

      • Watchman

        Don’t you mean “New Somalia, formerly known as Sweden”. Or is this just “Swedistan”?

        • David Murrell

          I stand corrected!

    • john700

      One of Harper’s mistakes.

  • Watchman

    He really needs to go for a lone wander through Nordstan Mall, Gothenburg, Sweden at around 8:00PM, where he can experience the inclusiveness of the Swedish society. There he can meet immigrants in charge of their own lives and the mall itself.

  • G

    A do-nothing elitist wasting taxpayer dollars jetting off on a vacation where he will pretend to work and sit on his ass sipping cocktails with other useless elitists.

    Make the GG a volunteer position with an extremely limited budget and very few duties.

    • Alain

      I do not recall the role of the GG making international visits. Perhaps I some how missed it.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Nor do I.
        As the Queen’s representative it is his job to stay the fuck home.
        He does not represent the government of the day.
        Only the crown.

      • G

        That idiot Adrienne Clarkson cashed in on the international travel crap. But then, what do you expect from a CBC freeloader?

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          The worst.

        • Alain

          I forgot about her.

        • Will Quest

          ClarKson and her semi-regal consort John Ralston Saul were Canada’s two Mints-in-one and truly believed they were REGAL !

  • LairdKintyre

    These elitist Globalists are playing the fiddle while Rome burns. How can our government honestly beleive multiculturalism has helped Sweden. All these Globalists want to do is rule over the ruins and survivors after Western Civilization is no more.

    • disqusW6sf


  • The least inspiring GG ever.

  • Gary

    Here’s a New report from 2004 when Johnston was the Pres of the U of Waterloo when Prof Mohamad Elmasry spewed his hatred for Jews on the Michael Coren show.
    This report was in the Globe&Mail and has had an edit job to make David Johnston look good because the original story from the University that I read was not about Johnston condemning Elmasry.

    Elmasry actually said that he was repeating the views on Palestinians in Canada. There were only a couple of islamic groups that condemned Elmary’s comment which where Liberals secular org’s that the CBC calls islamophobes.
    CAIR Canada supported his right to free speech……yet in 2005 CAIR tried to get Sharia in Canada and is now trying again via the back door with the islamophobia BILL M 103 ( M 103 = AK- 47).

    Note this comment by Justin’s resident Jew-hating Sunni Saudi Whahabist Omar Alghabra where he asserts that Civilians in israel should not be targets of terrorism attacks….he DID not condemn Hamas because he is tied to CAIR where Both group gave out leaflets asking muslims to not help the RCMP and CSIS trying to uncover terrorism act.
    That’s why Sheema Khan called the Muslim that help expose the Toronto 18 terrorist as an islamophobe that was paid to lie and entrap innocent muslims via anti-muslim bigotry.

    Even in 2004 the CBC, STAR and Globe shilled for the islamists with FAKE News where they took a big lie and put a thin veneer of truth on it so the public will eat it…..much like a chocolate coated mothball that passes the Sniff test and visual but once swallowed it becomes a toxin in the blood.

    The muslim Brotherhood and islamists have gotten into all levels of Goverment and Police plus the CBC.
    I don’t trust the new narrative on the Quebec Mosque shooting where 2 arabic speaking men has become 1 white christian Trump supporter.
    That story has now died and Trump is back in the News.

  • ontario john

    Does anybody actually spend time in Ottawa and work. Or is it just a tax payer funded travel agency for the elites.

  • Editor

    Swedish society inclusive; yes, to a fault. Sustainable, that remains to be seen. Personally, my money is on NO.

    • WalterBannon


      Not if you are a jew. Not if you are a conservative. Not if you voted for Trump.

      Not if you speak out against islamic crime and terror. Not if you support BREXIT.

      Sweden is inclusive like Nazi Germany was inclusive. Only if you have the correct nazi pin on your lapel.

      • Editor

        Point taken.

  • Gary

    BINGO , I just found the November 2004 U of W issued report for Elmasry.

    The Globe story ( October) was running cover for this Jew-hater because Sheema Khan had an OP-ED with the Globe and is known for FAKE news on Muslims hate-crimes.

    Note Elamrsy’s NON-apology for being stupid and hate filled as a bigot. He externalizes the problem for causing hurt among many groups
    but he only said that no civilians should be a target for attacks.
    His point to Michael Coren was that anyone over 18 was NOT a civilian because of the Military service which means that he only opposes killing those under 19.
    Johnston said that he accepted the results of the investigation.

    The Nutty professor kept his job even when attacks on jewish students at the UofW were up because of this jew-hating POS arab.

    CAIR and the CIC hand standing at the Arar Inquiry which I complained about and gave references to them being Jihadophiles with a negative bias for the West and would not be a good groups to speak for islam and the islamophobia allegations asserted at the Inquiry .
    I watched the CPAC coverage Live when Sheema Khan tried to pawn off a bogus islamophobia Survey as a Rep for CAIR.
    Liberals are easy to fool because if an Imam claims that muslims can’t lie , it now means that Muslims can tell them anything and they will believe it.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Free Vacation!

  • Shebel

    Canada will trade our Muslims for—
    An equal weight of Watches and Cheese.

  • LairdKintyre

    The GG aught to walk through a no go zone with just one bodyguard in Malmo at night while in Sweden. Should give him a new insight into the Joy’s of MuliKulturism. Give the old boy a taste of what his subjects are forced to endure.

  • WalterBannon

    Trudope Government To Strengthen Ties With Nazi Sweden

    Heil Trudope.

  • Pröksié SteelyDanzig Shürvaar

    Where’s your mandate to go to Sweden to learn how to fuck us over, dickwad? We never sent you to do this. GG should pay for this out of pocket.