Survey Results Of Canadian Attitudes On Israel/Palestine

I have long maintained that while all 3 major parties express support for Israel among the Liberal and NDP that support runs only as deep as the official leadership as opposed to strong support for Israel among the rank and file of the Conservative party. This survey seems to bolster that assumption. Note the survey was commissioned by IJV – Independent Jewicidal Voices but conducted by EKOS.

The poll’s major finding supports my contention:

The poll found that far more Canadians had a negative (46%) than a positive (28%) opinion of the Israeli government. This was particularly true of Liberal Party supporters (55% vs 22%); NDPers (61% vs 7%); Greens (58% vs 5%); and Bloc Quebecois supporters (78% vs 10%). Only Conservative Party supporters tended to have more positive than negative opinions of the Israeli government (21% vs 58%).

You can read the whole thing here.