Oh No! Canada at populism, trust crisis tipping point

2017 Edelman Trust Barometer – Fact Sheet

TORONTO, Feb. 14, 2017 /CNW/ – The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer confirms that Canada can no longer count itself immune from the global trend of populism and sinking institutional trust. For the first time since Edelman started tracking the general population, Canada finds itself among countries who distrust their institutions. Trust in business, media and government is in trouble.


For the first time since Edelman started tracking the general population, Canada finds itself among countries who distrust their institutions.
Less than half (49%) of Canada’s general population trust key institutions – government, media, business & NGOs.
The gap between trust among informed public and the mass population is nearly twice what it was last year (15 points, versus 8 points last year). This is the biggest gap ever recorded between these two audiences. The next largest gap was 11 points back in 2013.
For context, the trust gap in countries where we have seen growth in populist sentiment: 21 points – U.S., 19 points – U.K., 18 points – France.
Statistical bright light: Canadian businesses have a trust advantage over businesses headquartered in other countries, being most trusted along with Swedish businesses.

Institutional Trust

Trust in government: Down 10 points. 63% of people blame government for our problems. 66% hold them responsible to fix it.
Trust in Media: Down 10 points. 60% told us they are more likely to believe a search engine compared to 40% trusting a human editor. More than half of people said they trust their own research and assessment of issues.
Trust in Business: Down 6 points. 53% of Canadians agree that the pace of change in business is too fast, 48% are worried globalization is taking us in the wrong direction. Trust in CEOs at an all-time low, dropping 12 points to 25%.
Trust in NGOs: Down 2 points. Trust in NGO spokespeople down 3 points.
Emerging Canadian Concerns & Fears

1 in 2 people agree that an influx of people from other countries is damaging Canada’s economy and national culture.
40% of Canadians agree they are denied access to education and opportunities to get ahead.
80% of people think the elites who run institutions are out of touch with regular people.
61% of people do not have confidence that Canada’s leaders will be able to successfully address Canada’s challenges.
2 in 5 say Canada shouldn’t enter into free trade agreements because they hurt Canadian workers.
69% say we need to prioritize Canadian interests over the rest of the world.
69% agree government should protect jobs and local industries even if it means the economy grows more slowly.
Issue: Corruption (52% concerned, 23% fearful)
Issue: Globalization (67% concerned, 30% fearful)
Issue: Eroding Social Values (54% concerned, 25% fearful)
Issue: Immigration (52% concerned, 28% fearful)
Issue: Pace of Innovation (53% concerned, 23% fearful)