3rd world is as 3rd world does…

Behold the future of Canadian politics and most certainly the Liberal Party of Canada – Canada’s 1st Islamist Party.

Storm as Muslim voters in Stoke are warned they will go to HELL unless they vote Labour at the upcoming by-election in shocking anti-Ukip text messages

  • There is only one long term solution.

    Islamic reformation.

    Don’t say it is impossible. Come up with a solution. Or your granddaughter will have her clitoris cut off.


    • J. C.

      Forget reformation, that’ll never happen… What needs to happen is for every non-Islamic country to round up every Muslim and return them to the Middle East, then build border fences on both the European and Asian sides (to be regularly patrolled by heavily armed border agents). Also, confiscate (or destroy) any and all aircraft from within the contained area. After that, let them kill each other.

    • We can hope.

    • John Boy

      The only solution is for another Crusades to fight back the barbarians.

  • Watchman

    Wouldn’t that cause a church’s tax free or charity status to be revoked in the UK by advocating for a political party? What about a mosque’s?