Paris council use BOULDERS to drive migrants away from makeshift camp

LIMEHOUSE boulders have been dumped along the strip of a major road in northern Paris in a bid to stop migrants from pitching tents outside the French capital’s men-only emergency shelter.

Ten huge rocks were scattered along l’avenue Président-Wilson – a wide avenue located some 100m from the overcrowded porte de La Chapelle reception centre – over the weekend, the French daily Le Parisien reports.

Forced to sleep rough on the streets after being repeatedly turned away from the 400-bed centre, migrants have set up a makeshift camp along the sheltered strip, which is currently strewn with rocks, rubbish and sleeping bags.

The local council’s controversial decision, however, has sparked a storm of outrage, and has been branded as both “shameful and disgusting” by pro-migrant militants.