Keep Sharia away from schools

One must praise the wisdom and courage of the Southern Indiana parents who opposed the decision by the  Highlands Hills Middle School to subject its seventh-graders to sugar-coated  propaganda from Saudi Arabia, a country run by a fascist oligarchy that has been taking advantage of America’s hallmark basic freedoms to project a positive image of itself and its hateful ideology.

I will write about the dangerous mirage of the charter schools idea some other day. But let it suffice for now that Saudi propaganda strategists will love any American state’s public school system going charter because their agents will then invoke the US Constitution’s equality clauses to demand public money for certain schools that will eventually become Saudi Arabia’s satellite schools.

According to a Courier-Journal news report, the above-mentioned  classroom material consists of a worksheet on Sharia and a passage written by a fictional female Saudi woman, named Ahlima. To me, the passage seems like an attempt to glamorize suppression of women and ridicule Western culture.  The typical Wahabi-Salafi self-conceit is obvious in it.