‘Have you no SHAME?’ Le Pen slams Brussels as Canada-EU trade deal passed amid protests

BRUSSELS politicians voted to pass a landmark trade deal between Canada and the EU this afternoon following a fractious debate between MEPs and mass protests outside the parliament building in Strasbourg.

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen launched a blistering attack on the proposed deal today, saying it would further enrich the powerful at the expense of working families.

She raged: “The CETA agreement was carefully hidden from citizens because none of you can justify it. You voted on it in private because debating in public, that’s something you hate.

“When citizens understand all of this they will never trust you again. That is why this is a terrible agreement. It will undermine thousands of jobs in Europe.”

To loud applause she blasted: “Are you not ashamed? You’re giving away our rights to legislate and you’re robbing our citizens of the protection of their rights that they expect from their representatives.

“You’re making it possible for multinationals to attack member states so you make sure no new legislation will displease them.

CBC Propaganda 1 has yet to ramp up it’s glowing LPC report…

  • Waffle

    “”This is a deal for the people,” International Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne said after the vote, emphasizing how the agreement will offer consumers more choice and lower costs.”

    I really don’t understand what this deal is all about but when I read something like this, it usually means that somebody is getting screwed.usually some poor shmuck farmer in a far-off European country who labours to faithfully produce that delicious cheese or wine that has made his town or region internationally famous.

    I’m not sure, but I think it means that the French classification system of (1869?) is now kaput .

    “More choice and lower costs”. What exactly does this mean? For the masses that will buy designer knock-offs from the little creep on the corner, I doubt that it will mean much, but for those of us who truly enjoy a rare and unique taste . . . well, at least we have our memories.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Frankly, I am a huge fan of genuine Swiss cheese. Local Canadian knock-offs are – without exception in my extensive sampling experience – HORRIBLE. Europeans will discover the same thing and spend their money appropriately. Maybe some people will favour horrible over-salted rubbery Canadian-made “Swiss” cheese over the genuine deal, but I doubt it. 😉

      • ntt1

        i cheered regional specific labeling when it came in a few years back, it was supposed to stop this . parma ham can only be called such if it is made in parma and so on. Champagne has had such recognition for years

      • Exile1981

        sadly the agreement specifically blocks european cheese imports but it does stop Canada from making cheeses and calling them by the european names.

        i read the full agreement a month ago and sent BCF a list of all the ways this screws over Canada.

        • Will Quest

          The block of European cheese imports was sobbing Freelands tweak to the CETA deal….. to safeguard the Quebec cheese industry from undue competition…….. we are stuck with pricey & inferior Canadian cheese !

    • That might be why it was kept secret.

      Pretty strange for a deal that was meant to benefit everyone.