So I documented a Hate Crime Incident today…

I was inspired by this CBC article; Website to keep tabs on incidents involving hate in Alberta

I was so motivated I went straight to the STOPHATEAB.CA web site and filed my complaint.

I complained about an Anti-Ahmadi sect hate screed that the Muslims in Calgary web site has had published since at least 2016 (Link). I covered this hate screed last year and you can read about it here.

The hate screed states that the Ahmadi are apostates who spread filth and are allied with Israel. That’s pretty much a death sentence in Islam.

This is what I wrote in my submission: The Muslims in Calgary web site has published hate speech against the Ahmadi community which refers to them using the derogatory term Qadianiyyah and states the Ahmadi spread filth and are in fact apostates allied with Israel. The publication is available on the Muslims in Calgary website at the following URL:

Following are excerpts from my original report:

“Qaadyani is a destructive disbelieving group that names itself Muslim to mask its obnoxious filthy objectives and beliefs. The most dangerous of their beliefs are their claim that their leader is a Prophet, they alter the Quran, they believe that there is no Jihaad, they declare Muslims as non-Muslims and they are allies to the non-Muslims.

The Qaadyani liar (prophet) followed a step-by-step progression in his propaganda using means similar to those used by the secret sects and the Ismaa’eelees.”

Muslims in Calgary Ahmadi 1

The Muslims in Calgary screed goes on to declare that the Ahmadi are apostates. The punishment for apostasy in Islam is death as we have just witnessed in the murder of Ahmadi Muslim Asad Shah.

Muslims in Calgary Ahmadi 2 Apostates

But perhaps the most dangerous attack on the Ahmadi contained in this screed is the assertion that they are in league with… Israel. You just can’t construct a proper Muslim authored hate screed without including the Jews. It’s simply considered bad form otherwise.

I have, for posterity preserved the entire article at this link.

The site confirmed my report was received and as instructed I left them my email address so they could contact me directly in resolving this religiously motivated hate crime.