Islamophobia! Police Dog apprehends “refugee” sex attacker in Austria!

Afghan in custody – 14.02.2017, 16:34 (Source link – note Google translate used)

He could not escape his adversary on four paws: As reported, police and “Anuk” succeeded in bringing the authorities to a seventeen-year-old (childster) “child refugee” suspect who shortly before had attacked a mother in front of her two small children. The suspect was arrested, but he disputes everything and does not want to remember anything.

But the mother – her two young children, aged one and two, at the time of the attack in the baby carriage – fiercely attacked the attacker, even biting him in the face and tearing the hood from his jacket.

And this piece of fabric was brought by the police to the all-important tracker on four paws. After “Anuk” sniffed the hood, the dog took up the trail of the escaped sextrader and followed him.