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Flyer at Western U: “Jewish terrorists” killed Muslims in Quebec mosque attack

Following the discovery of an anti-Semitic flyer which was circulated on campus at Western University in London, Ontario last week which attacked the Jewish community, the Student Council (SCWU) issued a letter condemning the flyer as “hate speech”.

The flyer, sent by the Canadian National Independence Party (C.N.I.P.), accuses Jews for the murder of 6 Muslim worshippers at a mosque in Quebec in late January, blames “Jewish Zionist terrorists in Israel” for assassination of Muslims in Palestine. It demands that all Zionists in Canada be tried as terrorists and imprisoned.

Two Threats to Freedom of Speech: M-103 and C-16

Although they were presented by their supporters as measures to protect minorities from discrimination, a motion and a bill being debated in Parliament could seriously threaten free speech in our country. Having received many requests to clarify my position on these two issues, here are my reasons to oppose them.

Today’s Riot-Prone Mobs Are A Product Of America’s Cult-Like Education System

Let’s face it. Today’s street theater is the culmination of decades of radical education revision. The radical Left’s systematic attack on the study of Western Civilization has essentially been an attack against the study of any and all civil societies. It is an attack on the features that make a society civil and free. Those features include freedom of expression, civil discourse, the Socratic method of figuring out truth, value of the individual, and a common knowledge of the classics of history and literature that help us understand what’s universal in the human experience. All of that had to go.

Some people can’t afford to go to the beach, and lawmakers want to change that

If passed, Assembly Bill 250 would direct the state Coastal Conservancy to develop new, low-cost accommodations and improve existing affordable accommodations, with the goal of making a trip to the beach more accessible for families that don’t have a lot of money and might have to travel far.

“It’s heartbreaking to see lower-income families and middle-class families who never have seen the beach or enjoyed waking up to the sounds of tides and the salt in the air,” said Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, D-San Diego, who introduced the legislation Monday.

Canadian citizenship applications decline after processing fees triple

In the first nine months of 2016, there were 56,446 applications filed for citizenship, a decrease of nearly 50 per cent from the same period a year earlier, when 111,993 applications were submitted.

The figures are included in a briefing by former Immigration and Citizenship director general Andrew Griffith prepared for the Senate social affairs, science and technology committee, which begins hearings this week on Bill C-6, a law to amend the Citizenship Act.

Griffith’s brief points to a broader pattern of declining naturalization rates. He warns that a growing part of the population may not fully integrate by becoming citizens due to financial or other barriers and that could lead to marginalization.

Migration expert: More than 50 million Muslims are willing to support terror attacks

Professor Ruud Koopmans of the Netherlands warned the EU on Monday to block the entry of any refugees whose identity cannot be categorically confirmed.

Koopmans said that of the 1 billion adult Muslims in the world, ‘half of them are attached to an arch-conservative Islam which places little worth on the rights of women, homosexuals, and people of other faiths’.

Sears, Kmart Dump Trump Home Products From Online Stores

The latest retail giants to dump the Trump* brand are Sears and Kmart. On Saturday a spokesperson for Sears Holdings Corporation said the two chains would no longer sell Trump Home items in their online stores.

Geert Wilders promises to ‘de-Islamise’ the Netherlands and ban the Quran

In a rare television interview, the anti-Islam founder of Holland’s Party of Freedom also compared mosques to Nazi temples.

The controversial politician has already proclaimed that Europe is about to enter a ‘Patriotic Spring’ in which populist parties will triumph in the Netherlands and France following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as US president.

In the interview in Holland, Wilders repeated remarks he has made frequently in the past, offensive to many, comparing the Quran to Hitler’s autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’.

Pakistan court issues nationwide ban on Valentine’s Day

The Islamabad High Court in Pakistan’s capital issued an order Monday that banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day across the country ‘with immediate effect.’

Sandra Solomon slams Trudeau, Muslim leaders for not condemning anti-Jewish hate speech

In a video posted to Facebook, Solomon said: “This is an imam in Quebec who is openly preaching hate and genocide and destruction of Jewish people. I am Palestinian myself and I’ve been listening to this anti-Semitism since I was 5 years old. They taught me that I have to hate Jews, and we have to wipe them off. Anti-Semitism is rooted in the Koran and in the teachings of Mohammed, the founder of Islam.”