The ‘good people’ and the Jews

By ceaselessly delegitimizing, boycotting, criticizing Israel, the “good people” are justifying an additional step, one in which Israel will disappear.

The “good people” feel it is natural, even logical and just, that Israel accept the offenses launched on its territory and people. And there are many offenses: the terror attacks, the diplomatic attacks and the attacks on Israel’s legitimacy.

The Jewish State is not really considered sovereign: Jews are only guests of history. “The Gaza Strip” and the “West Bank” have become the set of a Palestinian TV production about the “Israeli repression”. This is the paradox of public opinion: anti-Semitism is most intense among the “good people”, the media, the NGOs, the bureaucratic machine, the churches. The fate of Gilad Shalit never raised one tenth of the concern these “good people” feel for the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.