You mean those college terrorists are NOT snowflakes?

From Jack Kerwick at Townhall,

The Democratic left’s demonization of President Trump and his supporters—after all, it was the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, who described “half” of those backing Trump (over 30 million Americans) as “deplorable”—created the climate of hatred, irrationality, and thuggery that is now consuming cities and college campuses around the country.

To be clear, the Democratic Party and its apologists aren’t really that bothered by the fact that riots are being executed—as long as they are done for the sake of “protesting” Trump and it is those to their right that are being harmed. This is the message that anyone who is listening must receive. More.

Reality check: From the U.S. Dems’ perspective, it makes a boatload of sense. They do not want to govern a country capable of electing Trump and making the best of it. That would require unwelcome change for themselves. For who they are now, they’d be vastly better off governing the basket case territory that would result from Trump being driven from office by riots or civil war. Of course they know that. Why shouldn’t they? Progressives have always known that sort of thing.

And those kids’ only hope of employment, given their lack of workplace-relevant skills, is as the Orwell’s Outer Party of a permanent progressive government.

The surprising part is that there is anyone out there who thinks there is much more to know.

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