‘The Walking Dead’ Is A Defense Of Gun Ownership

As a tyrant whose subjects would rather face hordes of flesh-eating zombies than live under him, Negan finds it necessary to take one particular step with each new subject. He disarms them.

As longtime fans of AMC long-running smash hit “The Walking Dead” know, the show isn’t so much about zombies as it is about how the living interact with each other as they attempt to survive and deal with the chaos of their world, a world that once looked like ours.

My wife and I have followed Rick Grimes and his band of survivors through thick and thin. It’s always fascinating to explore with the writers of the show how people, particularly strangers, interact with each other in the absence of law and order, steady employment, stability, security, even the knowledge of what one is going to eat the next day. Certainly, as one of the season promo posters eloquently stated, in such a world one would find it necessary to “fight the dead” but “fear the living.”

(Yes I’m still a fan)

  • Ron MacDonald
    • I hope he speaks lots of French and brings plenty of French translators and French-only journalists with him so he can impress Trump and show how the Trudeau dynasty — over two generations — has transformed Canada into a genuine non-Nation State of assholes.

      • Ron MacDonald

        I like the fact they referred to him as Bambi.

      • Slickfoot

        That’s OK Melania Trump speaks French, probably better than Justine, as I understand it, his’s not the best.

  • V10_Rob

    Fear of Trump is a defense of gun ownership.

    The left have long disparaged the intent of the 2nd Amendment, assuring us that concerns about tyrannical authorities are an anachronism. It’s the current year, the government isn’t going to round you up and put you in a camp!

    Then along comes Donald ‘Literally Hitler’ Trump, fascist god-emperor. He’s going to round everyone up and put them in a camp! How could this be happening in the current year?! Well my dear regressives, that’s what the 2nd is all about. But you don’t believe in it, remember?

    I for one am greatly enjoying the spectacle of them trying to square this circle.

  • Yep, a very boring news day. And at the end of the day the only existential thing running through my mind: Is Lindsay Graham a Tranny? Why else would they give him a girl’s name?

    Or we can talk about zombies and stuff — basically the same subject if it involves establishment Republicans.

  • DMB

    The Liberal zombie apocalypse is coming if not has come already so be prepared.

  • Shebel

    Whenever, I use a hand gun—-
    I make sure that my hair does NOT block my Vision .

  • kkruger71

    Didn’t really look at how much it challenges his basic premise, but in fact Negan does not take away the guns of every group he meets. The Kingdom has been allowed to keep theirs I believe.