Satire changes nothing! Nothing! As we learn from the Times of London…

From Hugo Rifkind at the Times,

Liberals need to realise that however good they make them feel, comedy sketches about Trump are self-indulgent

Seen from afar, American liberal rage against Trump seems to be doing American liberals no end of good. The New York Times has become largely readable; CNN almost watchable. Nobody could have seen that coming. … (paywall) More.

Reality check: A sense of humour is one sign of sanity, so when it’s a problem…

If the New York Times has suddenly become “largely readable,” one must ask, to whom? Millions of ex-readers? Are they back now? Then why the new layoffs? Are CNN layoffs reversed?

It’s not new technology that causes these layoffs. It’s rather old product gathering dust. Rifkind can’t buy and consume enough for millions of people in North America.

See also: Coffee: But at least the Chavistas had to shut down Mass to do that… “Constant preaching of hate, criminalization and punishment of all dissidents” IS socialism in its mature form. The Church, sensing where it always leads sooner or later, used to oppose it.