One in seven Belgian jihadists receive welfare benefits

#EXPOSED! #JFS jihadist teaches his daughters how to blow themselves in sake of god, the same baby who blew herself days ago in #Damascus
#Nusra fighter & his wife sent their 7y old & 9y old daughters to blow themselves up in Damascus , 7y old already did last week in Al-Midan

Some 16 Belgian citizens who had previously joined the ranks of Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and other Jihadist terror bands operating in Syria and Iraq, are back in their home country living off welfare funded by the Belgian State. Since the men “comply with all of the legal requirements,” the authorities claim, it cannot be prevented that they’re now growing fat on Belgian taxpayers’ money, even though they may have been involved in terrorism, mass murder, (child) rape, slavery, and the like.

I’m sorry but I no longer buy the argument that we must behave “better” than our enemies.

If you joined the Jihad then you have forfeited your humanity and should expect no quarter.